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Outside of Alex Jones network there is little coverage of this weekend’s confab of international global kingmakers.  Governments have little influence over these sociopaths as they can and do manufacture the realities for their collective peasant populations.  Don’t look for lamestream coverage.  For that there are increasingly other credible sources.


Huffingtonpost mention!


Wow, and that other “enemy” WND?


Would you prefer red or blue supercorpofascistOrwellexpalidociousness with your post modern world?

An excellent collection of Bilderberg arrests and activities is up at wearechange plus don’t miss the confrontation series of those globalist heavyweights.


Luke, may the force be with you.

The official attendee list.  This is not the 1% this is the top of the top.


Those misogynistic bastards

I trust most people, I mean only those grounded soldily in the reality of real world things and events would not in fact look at that technological marvel the Iphone and accuse it’s makers of being deliberately sexist.