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What Mean Tea Party

They surely want to tell us what it means.

I think it’ something permanent, I hope so even if I do subscribe to the it’s just too late for salvation theme.

Boat Boogeymen

This mornings Illuminati salute goes go WBZTV in Boston for pointing out that imminent threat of Boston Harbor accepting a LNG tanker from that Axis of Evil state Yemen.  Extra security is being installed to make sure you peasants will pay tribute to the military-industrial complex in support of the new Russia replacement enemy, Islam.  And the question of the day is.

As a society are we too retarded to be allowed to play with matches

Vision Quest

One vision has Scott Brown getting “Wellstoned”.  You may should you care to lookup Senator Paul Wellstone and the “CT” community’s thoughts on his demise.

The other big one is the second quake.  Prophets say natural disasters get in the way of the Illuminati Plan to dominate the globe.

Let me inject my take on Scott and things the people just don’t know yet feel.

Rendition:It’s not just for “Terrorists”

Makers of herbal cancer cures included.


Fuck Obama.  Fuck ObamaCare.  Fuck the CO2 global fascism ruse.

Fuck corporate media.

What?  Where is my Christmas spirit?  Went away along with my job.

Daughter’s Jury Duty

Want to get out of it?  Well there are several ways.  Here is what I do.

Frisking My Wife

The Center reserves the right to search it property and premises, including but not limited to,offices,desks,lockers,computers,file cabinets,mailboxes,vehicles,etc at any time and for any reason.  By accepting employment with the Center, you are consenting to announced and unannounced searches of your work area and personal property (e.g. purses,briefcases,lunch bags,vehicles) while on duty and/or on the Center’s premises.

Fall of the Republic

Yes let us “fix” the enviornment.  The US,China and Russia openly admit weather modifications deliberately on purpose.  CNN didn’t tell you.


New boss same wars.


Jamie Lee Jones, housed in KBR tent gets gang raped after four days in Iraq.  Beat up, acid burns on her genitals her death is ruled a suicide.

Mandated vaccines and why this is genocide plain and simple.


For those with dial up only this is Gary’s website.


More on global climate taxation, see weather mods in item one.


Domestic military operations, in California.


The Toolbar

It just connected,so my mind is occupied lately.  My last computer complete wipe out and restore happened on……..guess…..you know me right……Sept 11.

Senator Bruce Tarr S2028

I hate to be rude and crude but in reference to S2028, in my cold dead arm.


“If you choose not to get vaccinated then you pose no risk to those who are, after all they are protected, right.”

Next up.  Open any magazine.  Tally up the total pages then flip through again counting ads related to drugs.  In addition to the ad for the drug there are the legalese disclaimers of drug side effects and contra-indications specific to that drug in number two font.  When you get your flu shot you were of course presented with these disclaimers, contra-indications and or a list of ingredients in your personal shot, right?

Flu and Gulags

War of Drugs-Awesome Kill Rate

Research done.  Or rather I am convinced the vaccine is debilitating, people will line up, even pay to get it, the cops will round people up and America as it was last month is no more.  It is what Eisenhower warned us of the military industrial complex.  Well now we have the MMIC, the militarized medical industrial complex.  The War of Error is over, the War of Drugs begins.

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