“If you choose not to get vaccinated then you pose no risk to those who are, after all they are protected, right.”

Next up.  Open any magazine.  Tally up the total pages then flip through again counting ads related to drugs.  In addition to the ad for the drug there are the legalese disclaimers of drug side effects and contra-indications specific to that drug in number two font.  When you get your flu shot you were of course presented with these disclaimers, contra-indications and or a list of ingredients in your personal shot, right?……

Let me cross post and essay with a video of Richard Dolan, a UFO researcher.  Funny what one finds in topics everybody has been told

are not of this world

you should seek meds if you take them seriously

it’s just not reality

does not relate to your daily life

is way too bizzare

Let politics take you all the way to exopolitics and the Awake and Aware.…

Yeehaw, have to go bleach my horse’s hooves.


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  1. Drug free?  What no aspirin?

    Pee in a jar?  What you don’t trust me?  I have to prove my innocence?  Do I have legal recourse if it comes out false positive?  And who anointed you, the corporation as moral pontiff above all others by ASSuming the right to ask me that question in the first place.

    • Joy B. on October 5, 2009 at 21:35

    …was turn Monsanto loose with its “Terminator Technology” tweaked for humans and it’s all over. A sterilization technology for which USDA happens to be co-patentholder. And Medicaid has long been in the business of trying to convince pregnant women to abort, any old “medical excuse” will do. The grandson I have because daughter told ’em to f’ck off is now 19. It wasn’t a new ploy 20 years ago.

    They can’t actually legislate that kind of crap and won’t try. They don’t need laws for such things, they just need policies.

  2. OK, truth be told I’ve had a couple of beers but this is turning out to be a prolific news hit night for WTF.  This is from Newsweek, a magazine which actually dripped Satanic black ooze during one of my more intense paranormal encounters.  Thus I saveth the linketh here for further study.

  3. Bill Frist emailed the wrong guy to tout his new book!

    A personal message from Bill Frist

    You piece of shit.

    • Miep on October 6, 2009 at 06:09

    As Merrill Goozner pointed out earlier this week while “lack of insurance leads to an estimated 22,000 unnecessary deaths each year, medical errors kill nearly 100,000-and most of those people were undoubtedly well insured.”

    It is one of the great American myths that health care is risk-free, and thus the more the better.

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