Frisking My Wife

The Center reserves the right to search it property and premises, including but not limited to,offices,desks,lockers,computers,file cabinets,mailboxes,vehicles,etc at any time and for any reason.  By accepting employment with the Center, you are consenting to announced and unannounced searches of your work area and personal property (e.g. purses,briefcases,lunch bags,vehicles) while on duty and/or on the Center’s premises.

I have the corpo-rat policy in my hand.  I have presented the search provision of it word for word.

Whitter Health owns my wife because she works there.  They have come out openly stating it as fact.  It also appears to be effective retroactively since October 1, 2009 even if my wife had zero knowledge of it until today October 26, 2009.  She has neither received a copy of it but will mostly likely be asked to attend a mandatory employee meeting to sign it before reading.  I will update on that one.

For financial reasons I have to occupy space here in Af-murika-stan.  This is not my fault.  I have told you about this before, the writing on the wall, the evil Satanic New World Order.  A regime so corrupt, so evil and greedy the only redeeming quality they can generate is destruction.  Destruction of everything and everybody just so they can remain “in control”.

Control of fucking what.  Death?


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  1. It’s just a piece of paper.  If you want to work pee in a cup because you are guilty.  We know media tells you all the time to ask your doctor for……but that does not give you the right to drive a car if you have ingested a benadryl tablet.  We will send a SWAT team with tazers because your retroactive carbon footprint is too large.

    Is it martial law yet?

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