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Globalist Stooge Eulogy

Mini-Nukes:Safe For Civilians

War on Iran hype is in the news(or not) again.

The ships are on their way.  You should read about the new “mini” nukes and how they are “harmless” to civilians.  See the globalresearch link.


I mean why not, black hole in the ocean so we might as well light up the sands of Iran.  They just don’t play well with the multi-national globalist billionaries.

Let us blame it on the Iranian Navy, if they have one.



Love Police Guy Makes “Terrorist” List

President Patreaus and the false flag story of Afghania mineral riches!

The planted story.


Alternative energy lab “blows up”.


National Rifle Association sells out shortly after Bilderberg group decision to push global disarmament.


News about the war on whistleblowers.


Iran war back on table due to Bilderberg decision.


The Infection Deception!


Und you “Vill” change!


1099 My 600 Dollar Ass

Waxman sneaks anti-vitamin clause in Wall Street reform bill.

US wants to censor GMO frankenfood labeling on a global basis.

Pennsylvania want you to know they know where you live.


Potential find of ancient artifacts in Egypt’s Giza area.


Deep politics of diversity.


Bilderberger Bloomberg shoots his mouth again.


1099 my 600 dollar ass!


Yes We can?  Now Anybody Can.


Stealth local implimentation of discredited carbon scams.


And the bees are still dying.


And Superfriends+eugenics links are “changing”


Gee, can ya tell I’m in a shitty mood.

Vision Quest

One vision has Scott Brown getting “Wellstoned”.  You may should you care to lookup Senator Paul Wellstone and the “CT” community’s thoughts on his demise.

The other big one is the second quake.  Prophets say natural disasters get in the way of the Illuminati Plan to dominate the globe.

Let me inject my take on Scott and things the people just don’t know yet feel.

Interesting Times

Thousands of years ago a very technologically advanced society on earth went by the name Atlantis.  The theories of advanced alien extraterrestrial races guiding or even making humans in their own image or rather more important to us lowly earth dwellers is that we have never been alone.  Ancient writings, pyramids, seemingly advanced celestial knowledge and pyramid structures on earth in diverse geographically removed locations.  The Bermuda triangle, ley lines, sacred geometry, the fibonacci series, the golden ratio, Stonehedge, Easter Island, the Mayan calendar, Nostradamus, Buddha,Christ,Princess Diana and the Three Stooges.  You have to say you are living in “interesting” times.

What does all this have to do with politics?  Everything.

A CFR Swine Vaccine Marketing Focus Group

For those without broadband a summary follows.  Oh,pissa!  There is a transcript!


Get Your Shot or Get on the Bus

UPDATE: Navy ship quarrantined after vaccine administration 2 dead.

First it was Kentucky and now it’s Kingman Arizona

The Illuminati of Which I Speak

Hat tip to occams hatchet for the term “crap detector”.  Now in honing our skills in crap detection consider this book, written by an insider in global affairs, an employee of Illuminati Kingpin Henry Kissinger himself.  Regardless of residual bias I whipped out the credit card and logged onto Amazon.com


The World is controlled by 6000 of the most elite of the elite.  I and I hope you too might consider this informational source as ammo, armor piercing ammo at that for one can not discuss politics at any level without considering the coming elimination of the concept of nations.

This is the origin link which turned me toward the book.


Assholianism 2007

I have not posted reports about the Bilderburg 2007 conference so even though it’s very late it will give you things to watch for.  The summation

$6 a gallon gas

UN control of everything in, and under the sea(oil)

A North American Union, just like the EU.

A green light has been given by Bilderburg to bomb Iran, no troops, just bombs.

Henry Kissinger says “Americans have to remain in Iraq”.

Global carbon trading remains top priority.

The Bilderburg Group

Embracing the conspiracy theories presents it’s problems.  End Game states the purpose of secret organizations is to cull the population of the earth down to 500 million.  Now I could just take the blue pill and dismiss all of this as the rantings of insane people but the NWO paragidms actually match and align perfectly with the last 20 years of American history, even longer.

Homeland Security claims to protect the Homeland yet www.spp.gov meets several times over several years to merge the “Homeland” into a three nation union.

www.projectcensored.org documents the media blacklisting of verboten topics.

The US population is a mere 300 million out of the world 6 billion.  We consume and waste far to many resources.  The technology has been developed and exported.  Our moral fiber is under continuous attack and the founding principles of law are being deliberately discarded at alarming rates.



Not something left to the random statistical arena of a series of chance events, it must be by plan and design.

Now if you take all of that in as fact and a black guy, a woman, and a war mongering pyschopath are presented to you as the potential next leader of the “free” world you will chalk the whole affair up the the planned destruction of America it is.

What is the answer then?  Have fun.  In these, the last of days not having the financial resources for that remote survivalist bunker way back up in the woods I might as well have fun.  Send an encrypted message to your international friends, spell Fuck You NSA in laser pointers on your front lawn, take the battery out of your cell phone on long trips and “cheating” on your taxes is American Patriotism at it’s best.  Educate your loved ones.


God says the Biblical Apocalypse need not involve fire and brimstone and the elimination of all on earth, He may accept the refusal of soldiers to fire upon other people because they were ordered to or perhaps even a sizable portion of fully awake people with a concern about their fellow man.

Hey, you will grant me one last Horse Ride though, won’t you.

And was Bush the third anti-Christ?