Fall of the Republic

Yes let us “fix” the enviornment.  The US,China and Russia openly admit weather modifications deliberately on purpose.  CNN didn’t tell you.


New boss same wars.


Jamie Lee Jones, housed in KBR tent gets gang raped after four days in Iraq.  Beat up, acid burns on her genitals her death is ruled a suicide.

Mandated vaccines and why this is genocide plain and simple.


For those with dial up only this is Gary’s website.


More on global climate taxation, see weather mods in item one.


Domestic military operations, in California.


Another update in this world of corpo-fascist assholianism comes from my daughter who got her Costco card ripped out of her hand because it did not have her picture on it.  She was in line with my wife who does have a picture on her Costco card, my daughter is on my wife’s account and both were trying to check out to get home to my grandson.

All this hassle over a corporate policy change, the sin of having a valid card without a picture.  My daughter is also hobbling around on a brace due to a knee operation but hey, Nazi fucks gleefully enforcing fascism for 10 bucks an hour, WTF.

In this area BJs wholesale is actually easier to get to.


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  1. and it is excellent.  No possible way out of this one.  Complete agreement with Prof Panarin on the death of America.


  2. or rather Joe Moshe Bar may have been historized post haste after he called a radio personality by the name of Dr. A. True Ott about the swine flu vaccines being a bioweapon.

    The late Eugene Mallove was a cold fusion researcher who died under mysterious circumstances and of course there are many others in other fields.  Did Eugene make cold fusion work by putting the generator on a specific geographic location on earth which made it work.

    Fall of the Republic by Alex Jones does have it’s merits but the real hardcore are questioning why have they simply not snuffed this guy like they have done with so, so many other people.  Maybe it’s just the other millions of webpages catering to New World Order “CT” type topics.


    Hey, can we discriminate based upon genetic testing.  That would save a ton of health care dollars.  Someplace I saw the swine flu vaccine was “not available” to Obama’s kids.  HLN/CNN though is telling me all about Richard Heene.  Yeah, I know when pissed off into incoherent rage I rant on about everything and everybody.  It is socio-Mom once again, Dad is in the hospital and the whole thing would make a Dan Brown style book.

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