War of Drugs-Awesome Kill Rate

Research done.  Or rather I am convinced the vaccine is debilitating, people will line up, even pay to get it, the cops will round people up and America as it was last month is no more.  It is what Eisenhower warned us of the military industrial complex.  Well now we have the MMIC, the militarized medical industrial complex.  The War of Error is over, the War of Drugs begins.

It has been bizzare, even for me.  Verichip and Receptor LLC stock is up because an implantable microchip coupled with a proprietary sensor knows if you didn’t take your meds.

The Right Honorable Earl of Sterling points to depopulation as a motivation for the swine flu vaccine.


Hannah Poling, a nine year old developed autism after receiving NINE shots in a single day.  I did look up the Material Safety Data Sheet for Thimerosal.  Even scrolling down a simple Google search shows the subject to be “controversial”.  Check it out.


supports your fearmongering

Fifth one down.


Oh, ya but you have other toxic stuff in your house right?  WTF?

Ok, so it’s the modern 21st century.  I have a choice of Walgreens or CVS for 24/7 access to 27 kinds of nasal spray but they are always out of distilled water.  The flu shot countermeasures recipe does read sort of like “eye of newt” and other items but I am going shopping.  Anyway a challenge.  In you TeeVee day how many ads are drug?  Womens magazines, how many pages are drugs?

Google 727,000 hits, Gardasil injury.  Oh, but you must attend the health care town hall debates.  It’s really about….well….you must buy insurance….junk insurance……..like just enough to get you in the doctor’s office.

Hey, you could PROVE your injury was due to a vaccination.  You have that kind of money, don’t you to go after global multi-nationals with ful government sanction, no not government world sanction, WHO.


Dr. Morris virologist FDA


Utah is a long way from Massachusetts


Catherine Austin Fitts


Doctors fear combination of flu and MRSA.  All this Purell makes for hardier germs.


So begineth the War of Drugs.  Oh, 1976 was so, so ancient history.


  1. of http://www.flucase.com is the subject of much debate among the more sincere medical choice advocates.  She claimed to have filed an injunction but not so they have accused her of sabotaging the movement.

    This is going to be a real “pro-choice” movement and you will never,ever hear it on CNN.  Bet on that!

  2. health insurance. Staying away from the so called health care industry with their assorted meds the ones that keep you numb, and kill all microbes, and create huge imbalances is a good idea if you want to be healthy. The whole definition of life and health that is sold by our lopsided for profit drug pushing, and germ killing pathology only medicine is ass backwards. What do you expect from a society that ignores nature and eats spider genes in tomatoes cause they believe that they are removed from the rest of nature and that this is progress? When they pitch boner juice, and other meds that have warnings that make you sick just hearing them, for conditions that are just aging/reactionary/stress or caused by our assault on nature, and test these new concoctions out on humans calling them studies, I say take responsiblity for your own heath.

    Pisses me off that they use fear to sell this shit, and people think that they will die if they aren’t drugged up. Natural processes are now declared diseases and the real diseases we create, create more opportunities for a new concoction that will save your poor battered systems.        

    So anyway Lasthorseman I agree that the health industry including Big Phama has no interest in health, and God knows what kind of staph your going to get if you end up in an ER. My now deceased neighbor was an active nintey two and got an infection in his finger which they diagnosed as arthritis, turns out he had gangrene, which he probably picked up in the ER or from taking their steroids. They amputated his finger and he had a heart attack one week later. His wife of 96 said they had lived so long and well by staying away from the doctors.

    As for it being an organized plot, it’s one of many. How about wrecking the food supply by the makers of Round Up, or killing the earth by the oil dudes, or all the antibiotics and hormones in our water systems from people drugging themselves because they fear being a human? I think they just have become unhinged from real life by their greed and call all their snake oils progress and want you to think you need them or your dead. They don’t care what havoc they reek as it means more money for them if there are global crisis’s of mass destruction. Personally I think you stand a better chance of living if you avoid them like the plague. Garlic seems to work just as good as any flu vaccine. Warm milk, vitamin B’s and classical music does wonders for stress.                

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