Boat Boogeymen

This mornings Illuminati salute goes go WBZTV in Boston for pointing out that imminent threat of Boston Harbor accepting a LNG tanker from that Axis of Evil state Yemen.  Extra security is being installed to make sure you peasants will pay tribute to the military-industrial complex in support of the new Russia replacement enemy, Islam.  And the question of the day is.

As a society are we too retarded to be allowed to play with matches

In other recent propaganda delivery system broadcasts.

The ghost of Osama bin Laden teams up with Al Gore in support of the global Bernie Madoff bank of carbon credit.…

The real tin foil dope on flight 253.


An NWO collection of quotes for the newbies who know not what I am talking about.…

Be you left or be you right you best accept and pay tribute to the election of Islam as the great evil we all must fight against(Russia replacement enemy).

Ooga Booga be veewie afwiad!


  1. Better script writers for the Illuminati paradigm soap opera.

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