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Dark Mission

A must read account of NASA by Richard Hoagland.  It does what science is supposed to do ask a question then seek an answer.  But it also leads to an assumption of what if they already knew the answer.

I am only halfway through it.  Hard reading for the not technically inclined, maybe even too far fetched for those who are technically inclined yet it makes perfect sense.  Good reasons why we stopped moon missions.  Why technology from the space age “stopped”, or rather didn’t but rolled over into that top secret black ops you can’t handle the truth nonsense.

We can’t afford not to handle the truth.

Rendition:It’s not just for “Terrorists”

Makers of herbal cancer cures included.


Fuck Obama.  Fuck ObamaCare.  Fuck the CO2 global fascism ruse.

Fuck corporate media.

What?  Where is my Christmas spirit?  Went away along with my job.

How About Those Zeta-Reticulans

In searching for any semblance of hope and change on the tubes nothing looks more promising than the keyword exopolitics.  Exopolitics is not even an offical dictionary word yet but it is a very real global movement.  Same as 911 truth.  Most of it starts back in 1947, stemming from the crash of a UFO in Roswell New Mexico.  The powers that be decided we could not handle the truth but today things are changing.

What does it mean?  Everything.

Ending the supression of technologies.  Think about that one.  Ending the supression of technologies, plural there.  What technologies?