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April 15:More than Tax Day

Invisible Empire comes out on April 15.  It’s about how the American experiment ends.  How both parties participate in the propaganda program.  How the future is a technocracy more evil than Red China.


More interesting is this New World Order protest guide from Federaljack.com


An ops manual no less.

Rumors of the VAT tax, national sales tax, the other Satanic idea.


Next up is Obama-census-cold-open


A definite two thumbs up.

Globalist douchebag Czar Cass Sunstein for Supreme Court?


Today’s Illuminati News Winner

Why it’s blacklistednews.com.


One hundred million Americans find fault with official 911 story.

Net neutrality is officially a dead concept.

Two stories about chemtrails.

Geo-engineering to alleviate global warming has had coverage in lamestream media and whitehouse press releases.

Here in the EU parliment.


An here at a climate conference.


ExxonMobil paid no federal income tax last year.

359 medicinal plants in India slated for extinction.

Pentagon says it’s not happy with the quality of cyber security engineers.  Well, duh, how does one exactly expect “security” in a system specifically designed for data mining in the first place.  Note also Bozo Allen, the subcontractor.  Outsourcing national security, brilliant idea.

Digital cash only, I don’t think so.


More daily observations.


Trash journalism.


Are you an “belligent enemy”?


The War on Sport fishermen


A disease to watch and or the coverage or not about it.

WeAreChangeLA talks with Chelene Nightengale


Hatriot Party

Fine, I am a Hatriot, sign me up.

Beyond Lamestream Media

Perfect paranoia or perfect awareness.  Hey, I just don’t care anymore.


Pentagon Patsy

John Patrick Bedell,James Earl Ray, Mark David Chapman and the three name patsy tradition continues!  Note also that the news showing the Pentagon is not as “secure” as it should be is NOT an issue of national security, it makes the “news”.  Why.  Because it associates John with the 911 truth movement and advances the meme that guns are “icky”.  It makes “the news” because it advances global tyranny plain and simple.

In reality any hard core member of 911 truth would know shooting up random innocents would damage the movement.  Any hard core member of 911 truth would know that getting access to the real enemies of mankind is certainly impossible.  Yesterday mind you the Supreme Court pondered erasing the Second Amenedment in favor of what the City Council of Chicago thinks about guns.

For feel good sheeple news, Good Morning America featured Erica.  She can lick her own elbow.

Kids Pushing Tin

So what. A pilot hears a child’s voice say the words “clear for takeoff” and the thought delivery system calls for the responsible party’s crucifiction.

In an increasingly dim world Glenn Duffy spreads a moment of levity by letting a child speak the words, but hey, we can’t have that now in this “post 911 world”.

How does all mainstream media advance the 14 characteristics of fascism via “news” info-mertials.  Take note of how often PUNISHMENT is the main focus of any “news” story.  

Relevant News

When you assume a worst cast scenario you can prepare mentally for things that may not turn out as bad as they look.

Unplug the signal:The truth will not be televised

You are a slave to the government

Woman, 61, arrested for asing why

Leaked UN documents reveal plan for Green World Order by 2012

That is the beauty of the internet.  I can choose news over being told why the whale should be killed.



Still has a video of Bilderberger Rick Perry grabbing the camera and slinking away back into his limo after being asked real questions.

Also from wearechange.org the Contrail vs Chemtrail video has clips from a mainstream NBC station openly discussing the three purposes of the “secret” chemtrail program.

From lamestream news.  HLN today asked the question do you favor genetic testing.  Do you want your doctor to have that information under the guise of the potential “improvements” big pharma would have in tayloring your specific meds to your specific genetic profile.

Well, hello Dr. Fucking Mengele you sheeple shit moron zombinals.

First off the already have the DNA of my grandson’s.

They will use it to develop the next eugenics plague.

It will get attached to your permanent digital medical records which will never be private.  It will deny you insurance, a job, a position in the evil Illuminati and or living quarters in the underground continuity of government survivalist bunkers.

Next Year’s Flu Shot

My wife met a honest doctor yesterday, it’s too be she was a vetrinarian.  Turns out the lyme disease vaccine does kill some dogs and the anti-biotics offer a better cure outlook in dogs.

Anyway news direct from the maistream propaganda delivery system say next years REGULAR flu shot will INCLUDE the EUGENICS ingredients related to H1N1.

Cindy Sheehan on Mythocracy

It does say it all.


Fully in line with my complete contempt of mainstream media, politics, and the zombinal society in general.  Some really good quotes in there.

Google Thyself

I highly recommend it.  Most revealing is the amount of stuff about you all over the net.  This is the first step toward knowing what “they” know about you so you can think about who could/would use it against you.

Net neutrality aside we may be entering that downward slide in the “wonders” of computing.  That double edged sword of technology once again.  Will it be used to unite or enslave people.

1000+ architects want new WTC investigation

Over 1,000 architects and engineers have signed the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth‘s petition demanding a real investigation into the destruction of the three World Trade Center skyscrapers on 9/11.

That’s right, over 1,000 architects and engineers have gone on record saying the official story about the collapse of the Twin Towers and the WTC7 is not believable and think a new investigation is warranted. They think that the official theory is an extraordinarily unrealistic hypothesis and that the evidence does not support it. They have focused a significant amount of attention on WTC7 because it is the ONLY skyscraper in the history of the world to ever collapse just from fire.

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