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It just connected,so my mind is occupied lately.  My last computer complete wipe out and restore happened on……..guess… know me right……Sept 11.

I had to buy Spotmau to reboot the hard drive and some other PC Tools malware cleanup program they have no records of my purchase of, go figure.  So I restored but have actually been running “naked” ever since.  No spysweeper, no antivirus nothing save ZoneAlarm to keep the entire drive sort of intact.  

So I wonder what the marketing gurus think of my searches!  I finally had to download something for the adware count, 169 spyware/adware programs and that is under a month.

Publishers Clearing House….Search and Win!

OK.  Fine by me suckers,inquiring minds want to know!

Vaccine detox kits

Dead Microbiologists

New World Order Bank Holiday Schedule for October

Zero point energy

Hydrogen Car patent in 1955

Survival Foodstocks

Spectrum Analyzers

Being unemployed and not having access to six thousand dollar machines means I am not going to get the chance to survey the digital TeeVee spectrum for subliminal “They Live” type programming.

In other news CNN reported that the armed forces are Going Green.

Now what part of blowing shit up and killing people is GREEN.

See my above subliminal programming.

Obama wins a peace prize everyday!


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  1. in your neck of the woods!

  2. Here some CT for ya’ Lh.

    You might want to rethink about using the ZoneAlarm firewall. Here’s why.

    I’m pretty heavily into computer security (hey! maybe that’s what I can do my first essay on), I don’t like the idea of anyone accessing my box without me knowing it. I use multiple layers of security programs.

    I used to use a little freeware program called PeerGuardian, which is basically a small footprint firewall that detects outbound and inbound connections to your computer but is independent from your regular firewall that you may or may not use.

    About a year ago I noticed that when I would fire up a browser (I use Firefox), PeerGuardian was catching a certain IP number that was calling home from my computer to some other access point. I was using ZoneAlarm at the time and it wasn’t showing any outbound traffic at all, so I’m like WTF?. After investigating the outbound IP I found out it was ZoneAlarm calling out! and it was doing it like clockwork every hour on the hour (I.E. 9:59–10:59–11:59 etc.) and so I’m really like WTF?, this isn’t supposed to be happening. I had all of ZAs’ settings configured to make no updates and no calls out. So I went to the Google and here’s what I found: ZoneAlarm Calling Home>. Now I look at just about everything on the internet with a skeptics eye, But I had just caught ZoneAlarm myself doing the exact thing this article was saying. so I dropped ZoneAlarm like a hot potato (reluctantly) and now use Outpost, it has a freeware version that does a good job. Although, perhaps none of them can truly be trusted.

    Bottom line is, if a firewall gives itself built in  permissions (through proprietary code) to access the internet, it can be very hard if not impossible to detect. One sure way of securing your machine is to set up your own firewall permissions that are included in the operating system, but it is a grand pain in the butt to do. That way, you don’t need third party software to rely on. Some have even suggested that the NSA has either forced or paid many firewall manufactures to put back doors in their products for obvious reasons. It’s a perfect way to access someones computer without them knowing it.

    I won’t even go into Microsoft and the NSA being in collusion to put undetectable backdoors in all versions of Windows. That’s why I dual boot with Windows and Linux, but that’s all for a later date. Any questions, let me know, I’ll be glad to answer. We all need to put big prophylactics over our machines!


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