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Today’s Illuminati News Winner

Why it’s blacklistednews.com.


One hundred million Americans find fault with official 911 story.

Net neutrality is officially a dead concept.

Two stories about chemtrails.

Geo-engineering to alleviate global warming has had coverage in lamestream media and whitehouse press releases.

Here in the EU parliment.


An here at a climate conference.


ExxonMobil paid no federal income tax last year.

359 medicinal plants in India slated for extinction.

Pentagon says it’s not happy with the quality of cyber security engineers.  Well, duh, how does one exactly expect “security” in a system specifically designed for data mining in the first place.  Note also Bozo Allen, the subcontractor.  Outsourcing national security, brilliant idea.

Digital cash only, I don’t think so.


More daily observations.


Trash journalism.


Are you an “belligent enemy”?


The War on Sport fishermen


A disease to watch and or the coverage or not about it.

WeAreChangeLA talks with Chelene Nightengale


Relevant News

When you assume a worst cast scenario you can prepare mentally for things that may not turn out as bad as they look.

Unplug the signal:The truth will not be televised

You are a slave to the government

Woman, 61, arrested for asing why

Leaked UN documents reveal plan for Green World Order by 2012

That is the beauty of the internet.  I can choose news over being told why the whale should be killed.



Still has a video of Bilderberger Rick Perry grabbing the camera and slinking away back into his limo after being asked real questions.

Also from wearechange.org the Contrail vs Chemtrail video has clips from a mainstream NBC station openly discussing the three purposes of the “secret” chemtrail program.

From lamestream news.  HLN today asked the question do you favor genetic testing.  Do you want your doctor to have that information under the guise of the potential “improvements” big pharma would have in tayloring your specific meds to your specific genetic profile.

Well, hello Dr. Fucking Mengele you sheeple shit moron zombinals.

First off the already have the DNA of my grandson’s.

They will use it to develop the next eugenics plague.

It will get attached to your permanent digital medical records which will never be private.  It will deny you insurance, a job, a position in the evil Illuminati and or living quarters in the underground continuity of government survivalist bunkers.

Next Year’s Flu Shot

My wife met a honest doctor yesterday, it’s too be she was a vetrinarian.  Turns out the lyme disease vaccine does kill some dogs and the anti-biotics offer a better cure outlook in dogs.

Anyway news direct from the maistream propaganda delivery system say next years REGULAR flu shot will INCLUDE the EUGENICS ingredients related to H1N1.

Department of Homeland Cyber Insecurity

Boat Boogeymen

This mornings Illuminati salute goes go WBZTV in Boston for pointing out that imminent threat of Boston Harbor accepting a LNG tanker from that Axis of Evil state Yemen.  Extra security is being installed to make sure you peasants will pay tribute to the military-industrial complex in support of the new Russia replacement enemy, Islam.  And the question of the day is.

As a society are we too retarded to be allowed to play with matches

Vision Quest

One vision has Scott Brown getting “Wellstoned”.  You may should you care to lookup Senator Paul Wellstone and the “CT” community’s thoughts on his demise.

The other big one is the second quake.  Prophets say natural disasters get in the way of the Illuminati Plan to dominate the globe.

Let me inject my take on Scott and things the people just don’t know yet feel.

Publishers Clearing House

Search and win!  OK Fine

“deep underground military base disclosure project”

OOhh, another one

“JFK magic bullet theory”

Go ahead make my day, do ya feel lucky punk

Monitor my ass all you want.

Rendition:It’s not just for “Terrorists”

Makers of herbal cancer cures included.


Fuck Obama.  Fuck ObamaCare.  Fuck the CO2 global fascism ruse.

Fuck corporate media.

What?  Where is my Christmas spirit?  Went away along with my job.

December 7, Sound like an infamous date

Yes one can not deviate from the Satanic symbolism of Satanic dates in history.  They just get more misery that way.

Crash all trade

Interesting Times

Thousands of years ago a very technologically advanced society on earth went by the name Atlantis.  The theories of advanced alien extraterrestrial races guiding or even making humans in their own image or rather more important to us lowly earth dwellers is that we have never been alone.  Ancient writings, pyramids, seemingly advanced celestial knowledge and pyramid structures on earth in diverse geographically removed locations.  The Bermuda triangle, ley lines, sacred geometry, the fibonacci series, the golden ratio, Stonehedge, Easter Island, the Mayan calendar, Nostradamus, Buddha,Christ,Princess Diana and the Three Stooges.  You have to say you are living in “interesting” times.

What does all this have to do with politics?  Everything.

A CFR Swine Vaccine Marketing Focus Group

For those without broadband a summary follows.  Oh,pissa!  There is a transcript!


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