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Make War out of the Osama Thing

The wife want’s to know if “they” are going to make a war out of the Osama thing.  One of those “broken arrow” lost nukes in a major city and overnight martial law.  Not beyond their scope given recent history.

James Corbett documents Osama’s nine lives.


Even a former Ray-gunite promotes Osamas second death


Osama dead? Really?


The sheeple PR value of bin ladens death.


The Bush/bin laden connections are well known.


Took Japan nukes out of “the news” didn’t it.

On second thought is Osama Obama’s climategate!

OOOhhhh, check out the german titles on the right side of Tarpley’s page.  I know Tarpley can be a neo-con yet I love the german titles.


Happy Elvis bin Laden Day!

Yeehaww  Happy Friday!

Incident at 3:15, major speech at 4:15.  Oh, yeah, sure I “buy” that it’s not a “roll out” of something coming out of some marketing think tank days before and erection/election.

In other good news I got a job.  To make that even better the company actually does some defense work.  Now add to that the story I want to scope out about the gross Orwellianisms of working for a temp agency, the exploitive infrastructure being built, no institutionalized into the Gattica non-future of unemployment in the soon to be fully de-industrialized former United States.

Stay Tuned.

Boat Boogeymen

This mornings Illuminati salute goes go WBZTV in Boston for pointing out that imminent threat of Boston Harbor accepting a LNG tanker from that Axis of Evil state Yemen.  Extra security is being installed to make sure you peasants will pay tribute to the military-industrial complex in support of the new Russia replacement enemy, Islam.  And the question of the day is.

As a society are we too retarded to be allowed to play with matches