Layofficus Permenaticus

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Yes, I have been laid off from the company that makes those laser targeting thingies by which “we” can LIGHT UP in a nookular sense Iran.

Are you defective too in today’s modern workplace?

Do you have something offensive on your Facebook page?

So listen fuckwads If I even see a remote posting to ANY job board globally about your company wanting help there will be a lawsuit.  If you should fuck up my unemployment benefits.  If you should fuck up my resume stream.  If you should report that I with 20 years of stellar advanced experience in a directly related scientific field did not get along with the “things” you created with with dystopian business models…well this is simply not my fault.  I could have been a valuable asset but your business models focus on control.  Control sucks but is sort of a given in a mostly retarded work enviornment, dumbed down populace and all.  

Hostile workplace.

Age discrimination.

Massive OSHA, building code, electrical code, gas code, hazardous waste disposal procedures policies processes… short this will be my new fucking career…all over the Alex Jones channel, Camelot and project censored too.

In short I am defective as a definitive cog in the capitalist wheel.

I do not have a perfect driving record so I can’t apply to positions I might be skilled at.

I don’t want to do field service because traveling today sucks on a galactic basis.

I don’t schmooze well because I think “our” collective crap pop culture sucks.  I don’t play golf, I am not a fan of any sports teams anywhere although I can claim the Boston Red Sox nation as my hometown.

Short, very brief takes of 96.9 Boston talk radio are of late profanely offensive mind control operations similar to that which made and inspired the recent gun violence so pushed by mainstream media.  All of these fanatics came from the field of psychology.  Hey, I am/used to be an engineer who got into horses via my first born daughter.  I was at Home Depot the other day and I lamented the energy saving lighting products I know exist but you can’t buy.  No I mean it, these people are pigs.  It is all about controlling your dependence upon financial or otherwise for their profit margins. I talked to a guy my age but I did not reveal my total knowledge of the subject other than to say I was a research engineer for a major lighting company.  His comment was “green” was a good thing.  

I had to shut up at this point and lament the “green” is a eugenics/globalist control thing.  True Americans suck at green things but in the global scheme of profit resource allocation “we” are but an insignificant paltry minority population in the way of their resource business allocation models.

The Apocalyptic horses love their new place.   All of us love our new country setting.  If we can keep it.  They don’t want independence.  They don’t want individual thinking.  We shall see how this turns out.  

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  1. which means she can’t ride yet but I rode Dakota english, my wife tried out Peaches and then I tacked up Moon.  The kids got to ride the pony.  All of the horses are spooky given their new place and lack of riding time during the move.  A neighbor spotted a bull moose on the trail.  It’s going to be great here.

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