Facepalm Day

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Zombie bullets in demand?


Is Facebook the next myspace?  An entity on the downward curve of product life cycles.  Who knew ahead of time about this.  Questions pondered NOT by lamestream media.


Why not just have the naked robots be the soldiers just like the automated drones with the advanced AI intelligence capacity “we” don’t want to reveal yet?  I don’t know, did I say that right.


Oh, I am currently building parts for those laser targeting devices we are going to ship to Israel so that would probably put Iran sometime just AFTER the Bilderberg selection media circus event.

If you might be considering any sort of refinance deal to take advantage of the “lower rates” I can not recommend more highly the refresher courses entitled Today’s Sith Lord banking finance policies and or the new book Financial Colonoscopy, Two Root Canals Plus a life long IRS Audit Combined.

Otherwise the horses are fine although a bit wet.   The grandkids are fine.  I am awaiting termination from my temp job because I daily flag a posting for the job I have right now as spam/discrimination/fraud/pick a category.  Of course Monster don’t respond.  Why?  Because the 30 something ditz in HR can’t “bring me onboard” if I don’t like (re-entering junior high school) it here.  You got nine temp companies on speed dial just to avoid paying benefits so an ice cream social does not make up for that one.  No I didn’t say it because being 57, a former regarded expert at a much larger and far more globalistically oriented company in a directly related field, I made the error of thinking perhaps this meager Hr ditz might be interested in what I had to say about this particular companies obvious shortcomings.  My mistake.  People polish their own turds.  You know it’s their turd and thus it simply can not, does not and will never ever stink.

It made sense to me now why this recent MBA linkedin HR professional left a decent drug company for a has been third rate washed up defense contracting company.

I also like this commencement speech given at a local yuppie Mass town I know not well but has been the brunt of political posturings of late.  An English teacher advises students that you are not special.  How blatantly true.


A last thought and an addition.  While in Germany I did have the opportunity to witness real Russian soldiers dusting snow off their war memorial.  I happened to be with an American soldier at the time so I did pick up on his tension at this sight.  Moments like this started my new worldview about bankers socially engineering both of the isms my Dad spent fighting.

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  1. I am impressed by the progress our four kids are making with the horse lessons.  God willing and with luck on our side perhaps many more will follow upon my sealing the deal on our utopian horse property.  What else would a father do for a daughter who completed his life.

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