So why am I offended by a bottle of Purell.

It was sitting on a table in a meeting room in the Massachusetts Department of Employment Security, 192 Merrimack St Haverhill.  There were in fact other bottles of Purell available which my tax dollars should not have paid for.  Why do I feel this way?  Why do I care less about “the left’s” political postition hammering on Roe V Wade and more about the profanely offensive bottle of Purell hand sanitizer on the desk of a meeting room in the department of there are no jobs for you.

The state government is catering to a some commercially induced belief system that you must be able to sanitized your hands in public venues.  OK, I mucked out four horse stalls this very morning and I am wearing the very same boots.  No, I did not wash my hands nor did I Purell my hands.  I never, ever wear my seat belt, I have never worn a helmet when riding a pedal driven two wheeled vehicle.  I am not medically insured yet would like to be but all of that sucks now.

Oh, most important how are/what are the stats on baby boomers chucking their 401s prematurely to survive.  It has to be an IRS penalty phase tax windfall you won’t see on Dancing with the Stars CNN lamestream media promotional circles.

Purell is merely one of the many symbols of a dysfunctional dead society if, should most of my readers get my post modernist post industrial drift.  Whatever party wants to save my and my family’s ass has most truely and definitively lost it.  No, in my new location in the Live Not Free Then Die State of New Hampshire the globalist control mechanisms about their domination over rural, um, supposedly rural settings are becoming evident daily.

So we have to make a “left vs right” issue over birth control while media ignores 1976 swine flu and the more recent swine/bird/flu big pharma vaccination/Purell dispenser bonanza of 2008.

Technically I have access to four horses which I might term the four horses of the Biblical Apocalypse.  Since society government and “the illuminati” so want to wipe humanity off the face of planet earth all I asked for was a final horse ride before all of it ends.  There are/have been many “authorities” which tell me the world is about to end tomorrow, next Tuesday, on October 12 or some such crap but the torture of continued living in retardville does continue.