Cause I Don’t Like It Here Again

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I understand the business must survive via the exploitation of long term employees the company has NOT developed and thus have an intelligence level someplace in the junior high school level.  I also understand the company’s need to have nine temp agencies on speed dial to avoid making temp employees permanent thus having to pay the meager, what you call the company benefit package.  I also understand it was bullshit when the 30 something HR ditzqueen with zero technical background cited my “not liking it here” as a premier age discrimination reason to not “bring me onboard”, when I know such an option was not in the cards anyway.   So who am I and what do I know.

Well I have 22 years experience in a directly related scientific field.  I used to design, build, troubleshoot, test, revamp, improve completely automated machines to do what the junior high schoolians are doing right now.  I used to do it with an aim towards a commercial high speed level of production aided by equipment which would not even be a remote concept with this company.  In fact I can testify as to the third world status, maybe even below third world status of this company in regards to equipment, procedures, policy, ISO certifications which are meaningless, green, OSHA, building code violations, low employee morale and obsolete product line and no company cafeteria.

Perhaps they best invest in a factory in Vietnam.  OH, what do I make?  What am I making right now?  The big push right now is parts for those bomb targeting thingies so they can light up Iran after the globalist bankers have their Obamney fake selection process this November.

Yes, I got forced out of Assachusetts for sure and for good.  The Romneycare tax penalty for not having health (crappy watered down) insurance is $2424 for me and the wife.  Now we would like to have it cause she, I worry about a 58 year non-insured old blasting through the woods on horseback like some 25 year old but we also know from past experience that all of these new plans suck to some galactically different degree much like every other avenue of human endeavor we are trying to pursue to ensure sort of the continuation and happiness of our immediate and extended family.  Hey, maybe the sunspots might take out the power grid but today there is peace.  There is hope for a new life in our new locale.  The horses are inside in their new barn.  We are bringing new life to a foreclosed and abandoned paradise against all odds.


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  1. been a long time since I last read you. Good form as usual and it sums up most of what is going on. I’m glad to hear you have a place to be a horseman. See you around the ink well, happy trails.

  2. Moving is chaos but the country view is worth it.

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