Almost Over!

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For me this sel-election series is much like the sappyness of yet another 911 day.  I will stay home as the oligarchy owns the concept of ORomney.  To me it is as tacky as a tacky ad for a tacky coin.…

The only up side?  Our new neighbors across the street at our new ranch are first class excellent people.

OK, so health care is destroyed, my retirement has been destroyed, the future for my five grandkids has been destroyed.  We are all living day to day.  There are no good jobs.  Winter is here and we are not ready.

New website referenced by Project Camelot.

Oh look they reference Charles Nelson Pouge and his 200 mile per gallon internal combustion engine.  Ah but is any of anything true and why am I in such a foul mood?  Well my first grandson has discovered the videogame Halo and now it’s all he wants to do.  My love for him and teaching him about the great outdoors appears to be failing.  I do hope it’s just a phase he will outgrow.  If we survive this winter that is.