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What did, how did Lasthorseman come up with fear based fascism in 30 seconds of lamestream media from Boston’s 96.9 FM talk radio.

The dire issue of the day was that a vendor of whoopie pies at a farmers market refused to sell to people paying with “welfare” money/cards.  Can we take a lesson from the movie V for Vendetta on the assholianisms inherent in lamestream media?

I could show you, provide links as to what Paul Craig Roberts (the father of ray-gun-onmics, who now writes for the Alex Jones set) if my current laptop was not a smoldering piece of virus laden, corrupted registry crap.  It would appear the MY PERSONAL NSA staff only allows “My computer” to access lamestream websites.  Very strange indeed.  In my heyday I had five computers in the computer room as backup redundancy just because Bill Gates is one of Satan’s highest minions.

On the other side of Roberts however you have Michael Moore, the left wing darling of lamestream who has no idea who or what the Bilderberg Group is.  Second Veil people, second veil.  Oh, back to what I was talking about.  Let us add some history.  Remember when whole life insurance was popular, there was no such thing as a 401K and you worked for a solid company and your future was secure?  Hmm..yes I too long for a return to those days….oh…have you had much sucess on your off the grid living options?  Yes I am talking about the survivalist prepper craze, if lamestream can call it a craze.

Dam, I have to realize most people have no frigging clue as to what I am talking about.  Perhaps I have made another transition closer to sixth veil and am as a result so far gone as to be insane.  For reference I would insert the link here but my other open window only points to Comcras’s Xfinity homepage.  How do I Google the fix for that.

Basically.  The smoke Nazi crowd has become the obesity crowd.  Far less people smoke these days so they have nothing to do.  They actually don’t care about health,yours or anybodies but rather about control and or about your foolish decisions fucking up their insurance premiums.  The sci-fi movie Gattica is all about this.

Does it all come down to us humping each other always?  Who is Christian Grey and why are they, lamestream promoting it.

The horses are safe in the barn.  Maybe we would all be better off letting go.  Shut off the dim of lamestream.  I tried to explain to my first grandson about TV, the sixty second stream of pictures and it’s influence on human brain functions but he was, has recently taken an interest in Mario games on his new Wee.  That was not a good day for his Grampy.

Yes, my smoldering piece of crap is now sort of OK via an “upgrade” process which took about an hour.  I could have paid for a renewal to my anti-virus to fix it, or, yup, paid for a registry cleaner, which might have fixed it but these are days long gone by.  My Dad had a party line for 9.50 a month, the milkman delivered milk, the Moms didn’t have to work and an actual real doctor would come to your suburban house.  

My grandson went “camping” with his other grandparents.  He could not ride his bike in this RV park as they had a zero tolerance helmet policy.  A far cry from.

Come on RJ, let’s go down this logging road at 40 miles an hour and see if we can chase the moose.  Grampy take you.  I do need to inject a bit of safety thinking however cause yesterday RJ tried to put gas into one of those battery powered kids riding toys.  He is only three, I do think they are getting smarter sooner but it’s also a tale of two radically different families.

I, we, my family don’t lust after THE RULES, his other grandparents live by THE RULES.

Rules are made for people who aren’t willing to make up their own.

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A horse thought.

Would “we” have won the west if cowboys, the US Cavalry had a mandatory horse helmet policy?  Would the chuck wagonmaster also have that duty of doing IRS tax returns every spring?  The Indians might have kicked our asses.  We might still be 13 British colonies.  

Dispatch from Ben Cartwright.

Due to insurance company increases all Ponderosa trail drivers are required to wear OSHA certified riding helmets.

I do.  I talk to my 83 year old mother about the generations.  How I think her generation was the peak, my generation had a great time but is now about to get scaroowed royally, my kids are certainly hurting and the grandkids?

May they have original thoughts,even if it means putting gas in an electric vehicle.