Living Now

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Somehow my four Apocalyptic horses have become six.  Yes, we have a barn, a riding arena and twelve happy faced girls atop glitter ponies for a birthday party on a perfect fall day.  We are getting rave reviews from all who attend our new country setting.  It is dusk to past dawn hard work but there is love here.  Foliage trail rides will turn into sledding on the hill will turn into an Easter Egg hunt in the spring.  If boneheads screw it up not in the meantime.

Methinks people in general have lost their horse sense.

OK it might be nice to have my computer apps on “the cloud” but that means my computer life, my actual real life lives on “the cloud” which means none of “my” shit, “my” life, “my” data, “my” tax returns, comments on Farcebook, Tweets, my last colonoscopy, credit score, political leanings,Google search history, cell phone GPS location history is hardly private.

Well do I actually have anything to hide?  Well no but, how do I explain this.  In coming to care for six horses do I think people suck more than horses.  Well ya.

People hump each other in more ways than horses can even think.  Sure there is a herd mentality but horses don’t think about whose God is better, who has granite countertops and who doesn’t or who is more popular and who is not.  

They can hear my footsteps in the morning as I walk up to the barn.  I have come to know which horse whinnies and I value that more than all the kings men, the lamestream claptrap streams to the Chinese slave made IPhone I don’t have.

Paradise I have found but how long can I keep it.