Yes You Do Discriminate

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You may have noticed I seldom comment about racsim, sexual-isms and or many of the current PC-isms of today’s contemporary culture.  I think it’s the ultimate hypocrisy.  I do admit to being something else.  I don’t subscribe to nor am I any longer susceptable to Edward Bernay type social programming.


In the last week on mainstream media how many times have you heard about the flu.  Has it been three “news” stories in the half hour span of a typical “news” broadcast?  Is every aisle in CVS plastered with FLU Shot placards?  My wife personally has a coworker.  She had a bright teenage daughter.  She got a shot.  Two days later the school called saying she was disoriented.  She has not recovered.

Three stories in a row about the flu.

If I wanted a flu shot I would get one.  I cough because I still smoke.  Ok, so smoking is the new nigga in yuppie assholeland, right.  Yes, most definitively.  I smoke therefore I know of what I speak plus there is that specific American do-gooder disease to seek out and find that next shit disturbing obey syndrome since smokers are fewer, go after fat people.  Could this perhaps be related to insurance exec’s bonus plans?  Oh, of course not it’s about saving lives.  I think not.

I think I was still on the great orange satan when the last flu shot mandatory road stops complete with military style checkpoint Charlie…..When was that 2008?  Found it.…

Sandy Hook.  OK, let us assume it was a real event.  If so the false time stamps which predate Dec 14 on Google and Vimeo victim tributes would generate conspiracy talking points in the minds of non-sheeple type people thus creatively creating further populace division.  OK so even if the date stamps on Google, Vimeo are “digital errors” a whole segment, some percentage of the not really “global” internet community has decided to point that out.  Yes it’s too horrific to be credible therefore I must be psychotic.  The “CT” people must be psychotic, und ya, ve have meds for dat.  50 Shades of 911.

Gordon Duff of Veterans Today is going for the bases on the moon theory.  Again good luck with that.…

I have not seen “the news” this Sunday so I do not have the official count of flu shot vaccine infomercials for big pharma.  I had to do my 83 year old mother’s meds and then search for employment that no longer exists.  I shall endeavor to reference a diary from last November when I was essentially told to respond only when spoken directly to.  Why? I was way smarter than my co-workers whose highlight of the week was watching Dancing with the Stars.


  1. Anybody who thinks there are black races and white races is a racist by definition.  There is no such thing.

    “Where is that dealer over there – you know, the black guy?” fellow asked us at a flea market.  I glanced over at my wife.  She was obviously startled too.

    We had known Carl for years.  His skin was quite dark, darker than Obama’s.  But it wasn’t the same thing somehow – maybe just to us.

    I have known many South Asia Indians.  I imagine we all have.  Their skin is quite dark but they are caucasians.  No point in telling the racists that think caucasians are white people – like the Census Bureau for instance.  Most caucasians have skins as dark as most any African.  That is Africans south of the Sahara that are not – ummm – Europeans or something.

    The mindless categorization of people by supposed skin pigmentation, even when it is very misleading as to genetic ancestry, is a pet peeve.  Race has always been about biology, even when Darwin talked about races of butterflies and plants.  But it is so screwed up today that it even does terrible harm to medicine, not to mention all the killing.

    If I discriminated against racists, I would have no friends at all except the dogs.  And the German Shepherd is all black.  Wouldn’t do to discriminate against him.  German Shepherds have a ferocious bite.  Nazis were plumb against white German Shepherds so they call them something else though they are the same.

    Crazy, mixed up world.

    Best,  Terry

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