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I didn’t like it here again

So I was laid off from my job at a major formerly premier defense contractor because I admitted to the HR dweebette I didn’t love my job.  Well I didn’t love my job because I knew most of their equipment,processing,management style,quality, IT procedures, OSHA, safety, code compliance, advancement opportunities, health care/benefit plan was total crap.

Well guess what.

Their CEO killed himself!  The “news” sort of reported it with the implication that it might have been one of those sexual auto-erotica strangulation events.  Excellent!  But what else sucks?

For millions of Americans, every day gets a little harder

“For millions of older Americans, every day gets a little harder.

Even though the costs of medication, transportation, and utilities are rising, we have already denied seniors a modest Cost of Living Adjustment to their Social Security payments for two years.

The war in Afghanistan costs the taxpayers $190 million PER DAY.

We will continue to spend $1.3 billion every week on war in Afghanistan for the indefinite future while we force our seniors to make tough choices between their medications and their food; their rent and their heat; their phone and gas for their car.”


Stop the Nuclear Weapons Spending Hike

In his 2010 State of the Union address, President Obama called nuclear weapons the “greatest danger to the American people.” Yet his 2011 budget proposes a major increase in spending on the U.S. nuclear arsenal.

Incredibly, President Obama proposes to spend $600 million more on nuclear weapons than did George W. Bush in his final year.1

Tell President Obama to cut the nuclear weapons budget, not increase it.

Obama's proposed new nuclear spending boost will enable construction of new facilities that would allow the U.S. government to develop new nuclear warheads in the future. That flies in the face of Obama's professed goals of nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament.

Nuclear bombs are a grave threat to life on Earth — that's why we need the president to walk his talk.

Tell President Obama today: cut the nuclear weapons budget, don't increase it.



1. Carol Driver, “Nobel Peace Prize-winner Barack Obama ups spending on nuclear weapons to even more than George Bush.”  Daily Mail, 1/30/10.