Facebookery and Social Bleedia

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My second daughter tells me my wife’s email account was “hacked”.  Ya, OK but the wife has no need to email me so it would not explain her getting an email about her searching for one of MY ex-bosses?  Hey, I have not done nothing of late on politically incorrect bloggery which justifies such nonsense from my personal NSA staff, so what gives?  It is beyond automated bots and such. This stuff has a very real intelligence and hours of research behind it and demands my vigilance.

Allow me to inject a term social bleedia to all of my five readers.  Like all advances in technology it is great but it also sucks because the bonehead humans abuse it.

OK. So I got an email on my primary ISP account which points to a link I dare not click on from one of my wife’s Facebook friends.  Then I get another email again on my primary ISP address which links to an obscure looking link I shall not click.   It says it is from my wife,using her real complete name which she does not use on any email account anywhere.  The mine of data thusly demands that one attempt to lie profusely about one’s internet experience in the interest of some semblance of privacy?

Even the head of the CIA can’t get away with it!

Seth Meyers Saturday Night Live

Ya, but what happened to the image of the CIA, those “Mission Impossible” super secret James Bond types, saving the “free” world from all things evil.  Could it all be just a TV infortainment misconception?`

My 83 year old mother calls and I try to explain my view on the bullshit involved in a US general being outsted on the excuse of Monica Lewinski-ish crap and or my alt news things about other highly connected military-industrial complex Pentagon people pissed off about crappy Bernie Madoff financial dealings on a global scale.  I just can’t assure Ma about anything hopeful other than we are secure enough to have this Thanksgiving together.

Back to social bleedia.  OK are you paperless?  Have you opted for “green” automatic debit payments based upon a job you don’t have now?   After Obama’s “win” did you go out and buy an AK and an AR assault rifle?  Have you said something you might regret on social media or has social media found your karmic mortal enemy.  Is it all worth the 100 bucks a month 4G phone connectivity?  How many apps are on your phone.

I don’t have a phone.  The wife has a phone which is highly verboten device at her workplace.  I don’t have health insurance.  I don’t have dental insurance.  I no longer endorse multi-culturalism nor deviant sexualism at gunpoint nor do I endorse neo-con globo-corporate fascism you don’t have a fence around your suburban pool/you own a rottwieller at gunpoint.  I am just a retired engineer on borrowed time leading a geriatric horse into the barn in the dark.  “I will come get you”, “Good boy” as I click the leadline onto the halter.  I will take you to the barn for your evening grain and tomorrow we can blow my daughter and her ten year old horse away on the trails.

Please tell me if

A This makes anysense whatsoever

B Does anything today makes any sense whatsoever

C My personal favorite “I don’t give a shit anymore”


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  1. My wife’s super-corpo-fascist-Orwellistic nursing home has just issued a decree.

    They want employees to “like” their enslavement institution on Facebook to boost their image.

    Problem here.

    An employee caught with a cell phone is fired immediately.

    An employee caught with a Kindle is fired immediately.

    The IT system reserved for office employees most definitely blocks Facebook.  Their health plan sucks.  They literally oooze corporate fascism.  Deliberately target long term employees and totally promote the 14 characteristics of fascism.

    What is to “like”.

  2. When the NAFTA, CAFTA, you name it ‘TA were enacted, the corporations went overseas where they could exploit, without recompense, the people and the environs of the locations involved, plus, they found a way not to pay U.S. Taxes!  Of course, you know all this!

    Consequently, the lack of jobs here in the good ‘ole U.S. of A. are catch as catch can.  And those that are to be had or found are at about half of what was a customary wage for those who lost their jobs . . . . just about no matter the echelon of the job, period.  

    When there are really so few jobs, and only diminished paying jobs, at that, employers know they can make x,y,z, demands upon their employees and, they DO!  

    It started a long time ago, though, particularly, if you were a mom and had a young kid.  Employers knew they could exploit your efforts to the max, because nothing could spell more fear for a mom than not having a job with a young mouth to feed.  And, so, the exploitation continued.  

    So, I’m saying that this kind of exploitation has been happening over time for a long time.  But, now, as I said, employers know that they can, basically, “get away with murder” and why not?  There’s nothing to stop them.  Our laws have become worthless, period.

    The corporations that have left this country would never come back unless and until they could be assured of the same “benefits” (slave labor wage, no OSHA, no other controls, etc.) that they have enjoyed for so long, here in the good ‘ole U.S. of A.  

    $8.41 per hour does not cut it!  How can an individual or an entire family begin to live on that kind of money, and with no benefits, to boot?

    I share your “what is to like?”

  3. One of the cousin’s children of my generation commented about the fucking hilarious nature of a fight in what I think is a convienience store enviornment and that cements my decision to blow off quitting smoking.  You know the hopeless nature of shit today and all that jazz.

    Now on the other hand I have a sixteen one hand quarterhorse who used to attempt to plant his rear hoof in my head and now tries to unzip my jacket pockets for treats.  I can’t be a bad guy then right?

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