Mr I Have a Drone

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is on TV tonight.  So here is the modern version of First They Came For.…

The next Pope will be Peter the Roman.  He will be the last Pope according to the unrecognized prophecies of the Pope.

The General(auto insurance) is touting it’s offer of “anonymous” online auto insurance quotes.  Ok, well I recently did that and guess what.  When you give them your name they came back already knowing ALL of the cars registered in my name.  So is it so far of a leap to ASSume my mac address is not my friend either?   Oh, and Raytheon’s RIOT software?  Why?  Why troll Facebook for info on the generationally mis-informed masses.  For strategic “terrorists”?  See first they came for above.

Extensive research on rocket stoves.  Burn wood cleaner.  Most of the third world uses them.  There are some commercial neat ones including a stove that will cook and charge a cell phone at the same time.

North Korea lights off a nuke.  China surpasses the US in goods production.  Cops nab five year old for wearing the wrong color sneakers and privacy concerns over something called Stingray, a device which emulates a normal cell phone tower while sucking everything from everybodies cell phone.   Did I mention I don’t own a cell phone?

What is MSM’s problem with Chris Doner.  I am NOT following this entire thing so the affair appears to be a real life incarnation of the Running Man game which of course is kind of like Facebook, political blogs and the whole loosing readers cause I never have anything Facebooklike good to say.

For some reason (javascript void)I happen to be unable to comment on any of these type of boards.  Will have to “update” yet again and or am I just keeping my NSA staffers busy.  Had the grandkids over today.  They all got snowmobile rides and went sledding down the hill and played on our snow mountains from “Nemo”.  Ok, since when, no when, what, how, where and why the Christ are “we” now naming snowstorms like hurricanes.  It is after all winter so it does strike me as weird in a creepy Orwellian newspeak sort of way when “we” decide to start naming normal winter occurrances thus elevating their status in a government must interviene and control sort of way.