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My conspiracy website world appears to be performing on par with the mainstream world of the Dancing with the Stars set.  The world did not “end” or rather did it but nobody was paying attention.  Even CT news has it’s biases that strain my credibility test.  It is far simpler to attempt survival atop a spirited horse in newfallen snow.


Have you noticed a lack of real substance from mainstream media in this years summary of 2012?  Is the focus on celebrity crap instead of meaningful things like list of unreported news?

Is NDAA only one of those “Tea Party” wacko’s issues?

Forget the fiscal cliff what about the Batman movie mentioning both the Aurora and Sandy Hook shootings.  Planet X, or Nibiru did not appear, the poles did not shift, the solar flares did not take out the power grid nor did we all have to grow our own non-GMO food.  We did not ascend into our fourth dimensional Godlike X-men selves nor did the reptillian aliens eat us like a Big Mac.

Am I cracking up.  Maybe but perhaps it’s just an end to civilization as we know or rather don’t know it.  Perhaps we had an advanced civilization prior to the end of the last ice age.  Some advanced technology built the Giza plateau and why pyramids and or lost civilizations now beneath the ocean.…

Watching CBS right now.  Something about monkeys controlling robotic arms with a brain computer interface.

And we practiced pulling a wire out of a bomb.

Nah, we defintely did not evolve.

BTW I have shot a .223 and an M1 Garand an AK, a 45 Colt, an SKS, 12 and 20 gauge shotguns, 9 mils, 38s and Clint Eastwood 357 magnums at half gallon plastic milk bottles at relatively close range.  All I can say is that the power of these things are completely destructive and to aim this at my five grandkids is nothing short of pure and continued evil on a galactically exponentially expanded level in light of the crap we continually endure about every September 11th.…

Timelines and inconsistencies, again.  Yet another division of America, Americans yet from talk radio one would never fathom dire straights amidst discussions about small cap vs large cap mutual funds or the new I-phone made in China by FoxConn’s suicide net fame.

Happy New Year?


  1. It is full of ice.  The heater cord is underneath the tank.  The snow has iced up around the tank.  Magicjack refused all of my credit cards with their super secure system because I moved and unemployment runs out soon.

    Paul Craig Roberts-“right” leaning CT personality?  How about Noam Chomski.  Noam also denies 911 truth.  In any event I said a long time ago the internet would become an AOL like shopping channel and little more.

    Zero celebration plans this “First Night”.

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