Great Blizzard

(10 AM – promoted by TheMomCat)

Deval Patrick, Obama’s Mini-Me has charged all of lamestream media with informing the total cell phone connectedness to get off the roads by 4 PM or face up to a year in jail.  Five year old handcuffed for wearing the wrong color shoes to school.

Free WiFi for all.  Be careful what you wish for.  Technically one IP address services 16 super surveillance cameras.  For further information on this Google Berlin Germany and  Those of us in the know suspect this is some sort of sting counter-intelligence false flag type operation.  They are looking for non-sheeples don’t ya know.

So, if I don’t get the prescribed 30 inches of snow I will have a cigarette much like the one you have after great sex, knowing that I am not, have not subscribed to the collectist communist crap which is the state of Massholechusetts/ the Obamanation andd the New World Order Illuminati I have a drone war mongers who have merged left and right political paradigms into the failing goat fuck which is Sandy Hook, 911 and beyond infinity.  Remember your safety is not their concern, your obeying authority, somewhat like 50 shades of grey is.  Till next time Seig Heil, stay warm and safe with family and friends.