Psychic Reading Apocalyse Ranch

(4 pm. – promoted by ek hornbeck)

Welcome, come one and all to the first annual psychic reading at the Apocalypse Ranch. Will Obama declare martial law over raw milk vaccine deniers Sandy Hook Googleopians 911 truthers OWS past participants Oath Keepers from Arizona and or drone hackers anonymous and or Gordon Duff from Veterans Today.  What is real?  We have zero clue and we are going to have continued zero clue as THE news reads like a zombie survival game.  A Belgian MP said it so eloquently, what is fuck you in French/Belgian, no, I mean several times.  Zebignew Bresinski must be completely pissed.  They, them them, the Illuminati, well the entire world is saying fuck you to well the western world.  I kind to celebrate this but not.

As it means alot of useless deaths when governments fuck up this bad.  There is basically no escape clause.   What does happen when WalMart bread if 50 dollars a loaf.  Gas is ten bucks a gallon.  They are clearly not worried about the rural populations in American as they can just shut off the delivery of resources which brings me to the premise that a real psychic should be so distraught as to be incoherent given today’s totally fucked up world.  

Yea, so you might be able to read my palm. Ya but no, do you see me blowing my own brains out in the next six months due to the fuck up that is our current world is in, the hopeless condition of former America, globalist engineered decline etc.