A Red Card

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“What color card did you get today?”

“I got a yellow.”

“Get up to your room, no TV,no games.”

What an I talking about?

First grade, my oldest grandson and behavior modification in today’s super corpo Orwell fascist world.  Is this a tad over the top?  Yeah, I don’t know yet when a for profit prison industry enters the edjumacation areana anything goes.


Does this make it less likely my grandson might in the future have the balls to read and digest stuff like this.


Meanwhile my other two year old grandson has discovered “Angry Birds”.  He does not understand the levels nor the angular trajectory needed to win and go on to the higher levels.  He just likes the colorful screens, sounds and tapping the touch screen.  He won’t even let me show him how/what to do when he is into a game.  Is it all just a game?

Some world bank guy saying something.


Under the mistletoe.


Seismic expert reports on 911.


Oh, well if the head of the CIA can’t get away with it who can.


I started with my grandson’s first year in school but then ended up loosing it in a host of other “unrelated” subjects.  “Unrelated”, yes, well life is “different” today.  I did have a sort of perfect 50’s suburban American childhood at the peak of the baby boomer generation and at times I miss it.