I didn’t like it here again

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So I was laid off from my job at a major formerly premier defense contractor because I admitted to the HR dweebette I didn’t love my job.  Well I didn’t love my job because I knew most of their equipment,processing,management style,quality, IT procedures, OSHA, safety, code compliance, advancement opportunities, health care/benefit plan was total crap.

Well guess what.

Their CEO killed himself!  The “news” sort of reported it with the implication that it might have been one of those sexual auto-erotica strangulation events.  Excellent!  But what else sucks?

Yes, he was a player.  A CFR member.  A buyer of defense oriented companies.  Oh the HR dweebette no longer works there either.  Yes, I have been dutifully perusing Monster.com to see if they have advertized for help on top of Googling Boston’s best age discrimination attorneys as a mental meditation meme.

But what else sucks.

My former home has been torn down.  There are all sorts of shady Agenda 21 and occupy Wall Street implications in this yet the most informational data mining thing I can bring up is this.  The internet/realtor.com, etc knew my home value tanked within six days of a local town decision as to it’s status.

Sort of like this link.


Which means I know of but I am afraid to tell yall about a data mining infrastructure which is excellent and most time efficient about screwing people over.  Which means I don’t like it here in the continental formerly united states of america.


  1. Begets

    1-800 do you want to pay us for an online MBA degree.

    For four hundred bucks we can polish your resumee

    A Nigerian prince promises me ten million dollars

    I can buy Viagra from a Canadian pharmacy

    My monster.com resumee has expired

    I can watch Kim Kardashian on Xfinity on the cell phone I don’t have.

    Hey I gotta go feed the Apocalyptic horses.

    • banger on December 4, 2012 at 17:57

    Strange you should work in the security area–do you have security clearances?

    As for data minining–this is not and will not be limited to the U.S. but will, eventually extend to everyone–we will all be “watched” by AI entities for the rest of our lives, assuming things continue as they are.

    I’ve lost interest in all this and now just try to live within the world as it is. It isn’t going to change in a positive more freedom-loving way because that is not what people want. Most people want to feel secure the rest is irrelevant.

    Good luck….

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