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Homeland Security-Bio Division

Chinese sodium flouride contaminated with arsenic and lead!


Weapons of Mass Prescription.


10 billion dollar vaccine scam by Bill Gates


HPV Vaccine Blinds 16 year old girl.


Bitter Melon Blocks Breast Cancer


Scientific Link to Autism Identified- Not mercury


India:Illegal to criticise GMO foods


Russia Lashes Out At NATO for Protecting Afghan Drug Production


FLASHBACK: Ban the Bulb? — “If all 4 billion incandescent sockets were filled with CFLs we’d have nearly 50,000 pounds of mercury spread around every single US household”


See Rule Number One.


Publishers Clearing House

Search and win!  OK Fine

“deep underground military base disclosure project”

OOhh, another one

“JFK magic bullet theory”

Go ahead make my day, do ya feel lucky punk

Monitor my ass all you want.

Santa Came Early!

A CFR Swine Vaccine Marketing Focus Group

For those without broadband a summary follows.  Oh,pissa!  There is a transcript!


Fall of the Republic

Yes let us “fix” the enviornment.  The US,China and Russia openly admit weather modifications deliberately on purpose.  CNN didn’t tell you.


New boss same wars.


Jamie Lee Jones, housed in KBR tent gets gang raped after four days in Iraq.  Beat up, acid burns on her genitals her death is ruled a suicide.

Mandated vaccines and why this is genocide plain and simple.


For those with dial up only this is Gary’s website.


More on global climate taxation, see weather mods in item one.


Domestic military operations, in California.


The Toolbar

It just connected,so my mind is occupied lately.  My last computer complete wipe out and restore happened on……..guess…..you know me right……Sept 11.

NWO News

Iran Strike by December


Pigs definitely do not fly.


No health insurance for gun owners.


Buy hair care products?  Watch out for the FBI!


Excellent video from a Russian KGB defector on how to demoralize people.  He should know and it sounds just like America today.


China admits messing with the weather



Spare me the sappyness of yet another year of “in this post 911 world” rememberances.  I don’t know why I shouldn’t just get euthanized with the swine flu bioweapon.  Oh, and nice touch NSA assholes on frying my computer again, this time but real good.  I had pictures of my grandson on that machine I had not backed up so you suck big time.

Home Again Empty Again

Very heavy depression today.  It was warm, it was summer yet empty floating horsies in the pool made my heart empty.  My primary job of providing firewood and campfires for our group has ended.  The loss of that simplicity and the memories of a pool full of happy kids, not happy today, not at all weighs heavily on my heart.  Yes, Hillary.  Bill Deagle has been in your physical prescence and deemed you an evil entity.  Political orientations aside I too think it takes a village to indoctrinate a child.  I cherish my grandson because he has yet to endure it and I find him pure of heart.

Full Spectrum World Domination, Or How To Save A Collapsing Empire

F. William Engdahl is an economist and author and the writer of the best selling book “A Century of War: Anglo-American Oil Politics and the New World Order.” Mr Engdhahl has written on issues of energy, politics and economics for more than 30 years, beginning with the first oil shock in the early 1970s. Mr. Engdahl contributes regularly to a number of publications including Asia Times Online, Asia, Inc, Japan’s Nihon Keizai Shimbun, Foresight magazine; Freitag and ZeitFragen newspapers in Germany and Switzerland respectively. He is based in Germany.

In this two part interview Engdahl talks with Real News Network CEO Paul Jay about US geopolitical attempts at world domination through military and foreign policies, and his new book “Full Spectrum Dominance: Totalitarian Democracy in the New World Order:

Full Spectrum Dominance

Part 1

Totalitarian Democracy in the New World Order

Second Bilderberg Summit Israel June 8-10

Don’t positively know if this shadow elite the elite group has ever met twice in one year.  The May attendee list did seem a bit short by I am not the definitive expert.  The June meeting is about their manufactured depression.


Adware:Go Ahead Track My Cookies

It has come to my attention that Adware has been tracking my cookies for sometime now.  I let it go until it became a real annoyance and started redirecting my searches for entrances to the top secret alien UFO/military bases to a lamestream/sheeple shopping mall called “shopica”.  That had to get resolved.

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