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Search and win!  OK Fine

“deep underground military base disclosure project”

OOhh, another one

“JFK magic bullet theory”

Go ahead make my day, do ya feel lucky punk

Monitor my ass all you want.

Seig Heil series

Eight years in prison for a graffiti artist?

Man arrested for indecent exposure in his own home?

Student assaulted/suspended for handing out vaccine flyers?

Seig Heil!

WeAreChange Boston delivers treason evidence to John Tierney.

In spite of the reports coming out of Copenhagen the “watering down” is not true and we are all truely screwed.  The establishment of a Bernie Madoff ponzi scam on a global scale has been approved.  Kiss you American ass Goodbye!


My daughters are well aware of globalist oriented social engineering Clockwork Orange programs pushed by the elite scumbags.  The prohibition of these shows is working and as my grandson enters school the Grampy library of cointelpro counter propaganda is being built achived and burnt to DVD on an ongoing basis.…

Well, just look at how well the Dare progam worked.

Last but not least all of the soy and all of the corn belongeth to Monsanto.…

Also on the horizon?  Right wing wankery about war with South America.  The “news” comes from an email from the elderly set about a “boycott” of Citgo, why, because it’s that evil “socialist” Hugo Chavez.

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  1. that will come between you and your continued good health.  Most of it will come in the form of a rectal probe of compliance putting you “on” one or more toxic disease masking chemical concoctions from big pharma.

    For real health start here.

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