Second Bilderberg Summit Israel June 8-10

Don’t positively know if this shadow elite the elite group has ever met twice in one year.  The May attendee list did seem a bit short by I am not the definitive expert.  The June meeting is about their manufactured depression.…


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  1. for this lamestream media link.  CT is now reality.

  2. What’s the problem with the US joining the International Criminal Court (UCC)?

    Don’t we want Bush to go there?

    • halef on May 26, 2009 at 12:55

    truths about Bilderberg, see also this site

    • lysias on May 26, 2009 at 14:11

    you link to saying that Bilderberg is having a summit on economic regulation and the economic crisis in Israel next month.

    But Politico today is reporting how several U.S. officials attended the Bilderberg meeting just held in Greece: Obama officials gave Bilderberg briefings.  Not only Holbrooke, Volcker, and James Steinberg, but also NSA Director Lt. Gen. Keith Alexander (who also attended last year’s meeting, apparently — interesting that that was when Obama announced his support of the FISA “compromise” and telecom immunity, after an evening when he gave the slip to the press and was reported on conspiracy sites to have met with the Bilderbergers, then meeting in Northern Virginia.)

  3. Found a list of the top 100 sites on the subject of electro magnetic radiation as pollution.  Looks like a worldwide collect to check out.

  4. …once derided as the delusional musings of the CT fringe, are now acknowledged as real.  The few, but nonetheless significant mainstream stories, don’t call them chemtrails, however.  The lamestream calls them “atmospheric obscuration” programs, “tropospheric aerosol programs (TAP), or similar names.

    The delusional can, and frequently does, become real~~~~~

  5. Global Research

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