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We have to pass this bill quickly

More confirmation Obama is the last US president.


It does not matter if you personally like or dislike Obama.  You need to sign this petition and flood his e-mail box with e-mails that tell him that, even if the House passes this bill, he needs to veto it.  It is already impossible to live on Social Security alone.  If the government gives benefits to ‘illegal’ aliens who have never contributed, where does that leave those of us who have paid into Social Security all our working lives?

As stated below, the Senate voted this week to allow ‘illegal’ aliens access to Social Security benefits.

Attached is an opportunity to sign a petition that requires citizenship for eligibility to that social service.

Instructions are below.  If you don’t forward the petition and just stop it, we will lose all these names.

If you do not want to sign it, please just forward it to everyone you know.

Thank you!

To add your name, click on ‘forward’.  Address it to all of your email correspondents, add your name to the list and send it on.

When the petition hits 1,000, send it to [email protected]

From the Lists

Current pivotal dates are September 30 then October 9 to the 13th.  I do plan on extracting as much cash as humanly possible once the severance check hits the bank. Anybody who knows what that limit is before setting off the bells and whistles at the FBI please let me know.  I do have to talk to my daughter about how after my employment termination I access my own money(direct depostit) via the computer I have not built yet.  She and apparently the entire world knows how to look at my finances but I do not.  

Hopefully we have until spring of 2009 before the nukes(not from missles BTW) start taking out major cities.


Now why do I have to search the internet to find interesting people reportedly coming from high places.  Well the cognitive dissonance of corporate America that I have experienced is massive and I hope to write the Naomi Klein type of book documenting all of it.  My personal and up close history of me, the first generation to be born outside of the family farm.  That means in only a single generation a shining nation and hope of the world has been erased and all of mankind slinks back into the dark ages.

I reflect upon and entire career and how the stuff you buy is just not what it could be. In order to make money making something there is a pieces per hour count which must be made.  Out of that the CEO has to have a mansion in Boca Raton and bonuses for the cannibalization of the core business functions to make the bottom line look good have to be paid out.

Remember those innocent days when Martha Stewart had to go to jail simply for lying to the Feds?  Well these days anyone can rape and pillage the entire village and nobody but nobody goes to jail.

An Illumati salute to you all.  Stand at attention and click your heels together as the Nazis did.  Extend your right arm in a conventional military salute position but instead of bringing four fingers toward the forehead use two fingers to cover your upper lip.  You are supposed to do this mocking Hitler’s moustache and the ideals he represented.  Fascism, a super race of superior humans with their manifest destiny to control all others.  Hmmm….sound strangely familiar.  

In the timeline of man’s history, Adolph for all the destruction he did reign upon man did not last for an extended period of time.  I can not fathom why the United States, both political parties included seeks to emulate and repeat the 1940’s and 1929 concurrently.  Could we avert their bullshit by letting them know a majority of Americans know the real score?  Well I think not because there is a value to the negative powers of TeeVee and keeping the peasants occupied with below the belt issues like pigs and lipstick.

Given my survival I will know after looking into your eyes if I should or should not waste my time helping you hook up twelve volt battery systems.  I do think it might become that desperate.  I started my activism with this guy and to this day it is more appropriate than ever.




Sorry for all the doom and gloom and let’s hope the benevolent aliens and meditating monks can affect real “Change” in the world without depopulating 90% of the planet.

Don’t Contribute To The Dark Side

In the microcosm that is my world people have come to my aide.  Why, because they love me.  In two days massive progress has been made on cleaning up my second floor apartment.  My grandson delighted at the view from the second floor porch window.

When I am/was, not busy at work building stuff to support world known scientists I can also sweat copper pipes, run 14/3 romex, service my oil burner nozzle and skim coat over holes in plaster walls.  I have come to view the cheapening of building trade practices and materials and codes as another sub program in the Illuminati Plan to Destroy America.  No better example than Boston’s own Big Dig.

They talked about extending my “retirement” to give me time to train my replacement.  That might be appealing at first glance as it would/might put the lump sum severance package into the new IRS tax year.  Then I thought about it.  

I would be giving energy to the dark side of the force.


We sat, him and I and marveled from an elevated perch.  Grampy’s truck, Daddy’s truck, Grampy pool and Grampy’s camper could all be see from a different perspective.  Childhood innocence can be so wonderful until it’s used against the child.  I am getting to old to be doing the work of twenty something tradesmen but honest labor has made me feel really good.


Does it, can we generate our own positive space in the world?

My flowers


were alive with bees.


Don’t give “it” energy.  By “it” I mean any one of the manufactured “issues” currently being used to end America.  

The global war on “terror”.

The global tax on energy use

The building of the surveillance structures that will be used against my grandson.

A Correct Decision and Celebratory Beers

How do I decide to end a 22 year stellar career in my chosen field.  Well simply put when the color of your new supervisor’s nose is brown from the colon of his immediate supervisor above the health of God, country, common law, the Magna Carter, normal human decency and rational common sense I might decide that such an endeavor is not sustainable.  I say “SUSTAINABLE” because “SUSTAINABLE” is in fact the newest of business Orwellian buzzwords.

The options presented to me are to accept an “early””retirement” package, a buy out and promisory note of me not writing the next Naomi Klein Destructive Capitalist Assholianism or business case study of Satan in current Murikan business practices.  Hell,,, I might say fuck em and write it anyway cause being unemployed  and looking for that ultimate bridge abutment to live under there is not much I have that they could sue me for.

Ravings of a delusional paranoid?  Hardly.  I have three patents and two trade secrets.  You buy the results of my research.  The results of my research save money and energy so they are green.  Problem is they can hire nine “Chinks” for one of me.  Yeah, I do disparage the delusional Kumbaya “left”  and their political correctness by uttering the world “Chink” even while I think about how I can help my Chinese collegue get her project done in my off time, in my remaining days in a company I have come to loathe and see as a Kingpin in the Illuminati Plan to Destroy America.  How ironic is that.

“Chink” here in the derogaroty sense has to apply to the RED Chinese government and not the billions of oppressed people residing in that part of the world known as China and the financial houses of the entire western world which have financed their Gold Rush industrial age.  The seventy year old women who applied to protest the taking of their homes for the scam of the bread and circus Beijing Olympics.  Watched zero minutes of that BTW.  Principles to uphold don’t you know.

The wonders of fall, bugs go away, time on my hands and the opportunity to practice Apocalyptic horse riding skills.  I did say He was bonding with me lately and giving me much less shit right.  Let us all know if the stormtroopers show up in your neck of the woods, Okay.


It is the reward of society for your grandchild’s years of service to the fuckwads of the Illuminati.  How is that “sustainable”.


Rense makes more Sense

Much like the police state evident at the RNC one of the premier websites promoting real news about the elite scumbags of the “Illuminati” and their minions is routinely “going down”.  It has happened several days in the past week and is the subject of much discussion on the anti-New World Order lists.

Jeff Rense, proprietor of www.rense.com features the daily din that counters the junior high school mentality of lamestream media.  Yes there are more intellectually oriented places one can go for real news but most often the updates are weekly or even monthly.

Now one could associate these types of sites with “right wing” ideology or most commonly with the term “tin foil”.


Our internet is very soon going to look like the one in China so it might be best to think about how one could get along without it.

My daily favorites don’t include lamestream.






Lightyears above party politics.

Only one so far

and it’s in Portugal.  Chantilly VA near Washington June 5-8, the annual meeting of those Kingmakers, The Bilderburg Group.  They have much to discuss it would seem.


I have to assume there are WeAreChange members enroute right now as well as other Patriots Jim Tucker and Estulin.  Might not be any “leaks” in this conference as it lies in the very heart of Stasi America itself.

Chantilly VA Bilderburg 2008 June 5-8

Are we going to bomb Iran?  Will Bush actually leave?  Will gas really be $15 a gallon and when, or will they just release the ebola virus.  These and other great questions to be decided in total secret at Bilderburg 2008.  How bad and how long will the depression be?  Yes, this year David Rothkopf’s Superclass, the elite Davos Douchebags, meet inside the US, perhaps for the last time!

The Illuminati of Which I Speak

Hat tip to occams hatchet for the term “crap detector”.  Now in honing our skills in crap detection consider this book, written by an insider in global affairs, an employee of Illuminati Kingpin Henry Kissinger himself.  Regardless of residual bias I whipped out the credit card and logged onto Amazon.com


The World is controlled by 6000 of the most elite of the elite.  I and I hope you too might consider this informational source as ammo, armor piercing ammo at that for one can not discuss politics at any level without considering the coming elimination of the concept of nations.

This is the origin link which turned me toward the book.


Real News Sources

Where does one get credible news these days.

Here is the list.  Partial of course.

Assholianism 2007

I have not posted reports about the Bilderburg 2007 conference so even though it’s very late it will give you things to watch for.  The summation

$6 a gallon gas

UN control of everything in, and under the sea(oil)

A North American Union, just like the EU.

A green light has been given by Bilderburg to bomb Iran, no troops, just bombs.

Henry Kissinger says “Americans have to remain in Iraq”.

Global carbon trading remains top priority.

Prolific These Illuminati Videos


Well done in explaining the coming Amero, the further loss of rights and who is behind it.  By embracing those “conspiracy” theories one might decide they are facts.  I have.  After that it all makes perfect sense.  No, they are not incompetent, it is by design and only the agenda is unknown to you, the average American.


You are CEO of the world.  You have a choice between a mere 300 million lost souls or the potential profit margine available in six billion.  The six billion have also been relatively easily controlled and manipulated by elite power brokers since the beginning of civilization.  If you were on top what would be your choice.

Why the McCain Thing Serves the Illuminati

I have talked about people and their levels of belief in forming their worldviews, or lack thereof by referencing this link.  You may disagree with the entire concepts here but sit back and embrace the idea of the levels.


As a real life example some people are content with WWF wrestling mania or the Entertainment channel while others listen to classical music, sipping chardonnay at dinner.  While we might loath Bush and the last eight years of neo-cons the impending far left shift with Obama is my Apocalyse horse ride!

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