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No Coverage of Cancun Mexico

Grand Finale


Spare me the sappyness of yet another year of “in this post 911 world” rememberances.  I don’t know why I shouldn’t just get euthanized with the swine flu bioweapon.  Oh, and nice touch NSA assholes on frying my computer again, this time but real good.  I had pictures of my grandson on that machine I had not backed up so you suck big time.

American Bread

“Gee Honey, this is scary!”


“Look at these hot dog rolls I forgot in the microwave!”

Yes we don’t use the microwave in the camper other than it being an overpriced bread box.  Low and behold the month old hot dog rolls looked just as fresh as the day they were bought.  Miracles of modern preservatives, or soylent green.

More Apocalypse News after the break.

Towards a More Tactical RV Escape Vehicle

But in event of “bug out” due to Unicorn Flu is your RV bug out ready?

This perhaps is more viable than echoing MSM talking points about shit that ain’t ever gonna get fixed.  Besides I need to get back to something constructive.

Associated Press Mentions Bilderburg!!!!

Yet that selective selectiveness that is US commercial lamestream/propaganda media will give you something else like Farrah Fawcet or Octomom.

The verdict is in.

Short depression, 14% official unemployment,25% real unemployment

This leads to globalized banking to “manage” the situation.

Second major agenda, surprise surprise, is a global health ministry with a real agenda not related to health but eugenics.