Home Again Empty Again

Very heavy depression today.  It was warm, it was summer yet empty floating horsies in the pool made my heart empty.  My primary job of providing firewood and campfires for our group has ended.  The loss of that simplicity and the memories of a pool full of happy kids, not happy today, not at all weighs heavily on my heart.  Yes, Hillary.  Bill Deagle has been in your physical prescence and deemed you an evil entity.  Political orientations aside I too think it takes a village to indoctrinate a child.  I cherish my grandson because he has yet to endure it and I find him pure of heart.

My suburban tap water compared to the magical mountain stream tastes like a chemical toxic cocktail.  Spit the first mouthful out.




The impending disasterous din of electronic media has re-entered my life and yes I find it more profane than the most degrading pornography.  Re-adjusting the intake of crap is much like trying/avoiding the water.


Have the sum total of people laid off from real jobs taken up positions in that most Satanic of trades, HR job applicant screeners?

Is Mommie Dearest any less sociopathic?  No.

Does the tall grass clog the bagging lawnmower profusely?  Yes.

Glad to see they didn’t nuke anybody during NLE09.  Also glad to see people waking up the the dangers of Unicorn flu shots.

Anyway beyond the Enchanted Forest we found the trail to the lost lake of Narnia.  We make up our own names for places we find in the woods and they relate to the situation at the time.  The return trip back to camp from Narnia takes us to Witch Mountain, a rockslide that looks like a secret UFO launching site.  

I fixed my grandson’s 50cc ATV to his delight and helped him roast marshmellows on the evening campfire.  We celebrated Christmas in August due to the upper 40’s night temperatures.  The stream was consistently super high so I don’t doubt glacial melting but in no way will I ever ever submit that it is due to Big Al Gore’s Convienient Ruse of CO2 Crap n Tax bullshit.  Just to satisfy my contempt at least 90 aluminum tin cans were smelted in the fire using a mattress inflation device coupled to a three foot copper tube.  Less trash we have to take home, less analization of standing in lines to redeem recycled stuff.  The point is to endorse and create individuality and find one’s contribution to our small group’s collective enjoyment.

Some things get complicated.  My oldest daughter (from the DARE generation) equates my smoking as toxic waste in the nuclearly deadly class.  Even in this pristeenly clean mountain air she whines about a waft of tobacco smoke which might blow my grandson’s way.  After all smokers and fat people are the NEW Niggers of society so like it or not I claim the right to say people’s programming sucks, end of story.  At least the Lawrence Welk generation would disagree yet defend your right to your opinion.

I did not buy a candy bar from the Young Marines in front of the WalMart super center.  I left them at peace in their illusion.  I was after all, on vacation.


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  1. Does the breathing of pure air, possibly containing a higher oxygen content allow one to drink more beer without the ill effects of intoxication?

    One the whole we have had tons of fun in these, the last days of the American empire.

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