Adware:Go Ahead Track My Cookies

It has come to my attention that Adware has been tracking my cookies for sometime now.  I let it go until it became a real annoyance and started redirecting my searches for entrances to the top secret alien UFO/military bases to a lamestream/sheeple shopping mall called “shopica”.  That had to get resolved.

Graphically it should be apparent by now that both political “parties” owe their allegance toward the forming of a global government.  I realized they want to tell you that the most pressing problem of the world today is a psycho woman who has 14 kids to ensure her “celebrity” status but hey.

This graphically shows how one “party” plays off the other.


These are some of the people who own him.


This is their agenda.


These are the Georgia Guidestones that proclaim the eugenics plan of world population all the way down to 500 million.

Merry Christmas

But don’t worry, it’s only a “drill”.

only a drill

Still think you got something to sell me?


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  1. http://free-pc-software.blogsp

    Apocalypse watch by Lasthorseman.  Ticket to Montesuenos, acheivable, convincing everybody to go, not happening.

  2. that image of change for my Friday WWL Radio ad? I will hat tip it to you.

    Its PERFECT for our topic tonight!!!

  3. …I am a socialist believer in world government (now, please, size medium-small) and was genuinely appalled by the “change” pic, this diary had a great title.  It would work without the prefix, as well.  “Go ahead, track my cookies”.  It’s just fun to say.

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