Next Year’s Flu Shot

My wife met a honest doctor yesterday, it’s too be she was a vetrinarian.  Turns out the lyme disease vaccine does kill some dogs and the anti-biotics offer a better cure outlook in dogs.

Anyway news direct from the maistream propaganda delivery system say next years REGULAR flu shot will INCLUDE the EUGENICS ingredients related to H1N1.

Tip for Pennsylvania students.

Obtain 1 roll black electricians tape.  Cut out 1 inch piece and place over webcam TV lense.

Next up is a poor quality video.  People talking about Bilderberg though is excellent.

youtube BTW is full of furious people waking up to the globalist eugenics program.

Next year’s flu shot?  When living day to day next year is eons away.


  1. Twenty Seven secret clearance levels above pResident of the United States.

  2. it’s really bad health policy to be including H1N1 in the regular vaccine regimen.

    With all the highly (deserved) negative publicity about the H1N1 vaccine, its inclusion is bound to result in less people getting flu shots overall.

    I know the CDC overbought the H1N1 vaccine last year and is now trying to get rid of its surplus, but this clearly is NOT the way to do it.  

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