Interesting Times

Thousands of years ago a very technologically advanced society on earth went by the name Atlantis.  The theories of advanced alien extraterrestrial races guiding or even making humans in their own image or rather more important to us lowly earth dwellers is that we have never been alone.  Ancient writings, pyramids, seemingly advanced celestial knowledge and pyramid structures on earth in diverse geographically removed locations.  The Bermuda triangle, ley lines, sacred geometry, the fibonacci series, the golden ratio, Stonehedge, Easter Island, the Mayan calendar, Nostradamus, Buddha,Christ,Princess Diana and the Three Stooges.  You have to say you are living in “interesting” times.

What does all this have to do with politics?  Everything.

My disconnect from the illusion of America is complete.  All that matters now is survival for the ones I love.  Both grandsons did not get the swine flu shot, nor did my daughters, my son or my wife.  The older people I know happen to be wiser and are saying “fuck that” to the swine flu hype.  It is the naive kids I am worried about.  Most of the family is on unemployment but I did manage to once again get Dad out of a nursing home by attending a meeting with the social worker who remembered me from last year.   I wonder if she would like to be in my book.  She is a soul I could save, given enough time.

Anyway at the top of the garbage heap is Henry Kissinger, that parasite globalist domineering scumbag comes to mind first.  Peace with honor in Vietnam, which by the way is THE up and coming capitalist’s orgasmic wet dream of people exploitation for profit Wall Street wise.  We can name numerous globalist oriented above all organizations like the CFR,Trialteral Commission, Club of Rome, Bilderberg group, the Davos jet setting group all of which pale in comparison to us lowly peasants who think voting will ever change anything.

My entire American life is fallacy, ever since they blew JFKs brains out for having the audacity to oppose these bankers.  The funding of Hitler, Stalin, even way back in time, corrupting the teachings of Jesus Christ himself.  My God people suck, or maybe I should not generalize saying all people suck but only that 5% of the population so sociopathically oriented.

When I recall that distant past, that bright future which used to be America I wanted one of those futuristic jet packs.  I was into science and had the ham radio station at age thirteen and all.  I studied electronics but Intel now makes it’s shit in China so you can’t tell me this, all of this destruction of America by design is not planned.  It happened in a single generation.

A minibar sized device in your basement which delivers all the power you need.

An electronic device which sounds like a dying cow alerts you to health problems you may be facing.

Your evolution to a higher state of being in 2012.

It may be better than all the sci-fi movies you have ever seen.  If you can accept even 10 percent of the common themes it will put politics in the kiddie porn category of morality.


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  1. My God people suck, or maybe I should not generalize saying all people suck but only that 5% of the population so sociopathically oriented.

    are causing 95% of the problems.

  2. doubts in my mind LH. You are absolutely the Knights of the Jedi resident PhD of CT. My God man, you have covered every CT that exists to mankind in one short essay!

    There is the CFR, Trilateral Commission, the Bilderbergs, Bermuda Triangle, Hitler, Stalin, Princess Di, the Pig Flu, even the Three Stooges!!! There are too many to list, Ya’ got ’em all, congratulations Dude!

    Just one thing though, I want to test your psychic abilities: What is hanging on a wall in my house that can be used to “see” with?

    P.S. – After perusing your essay I noticed you missed one, 9/11, how could you have missed that? You slipped up, man!

  3. and have watched a few of those Project Camelot videos.  Pretty deep my friend.  I don’t however discount anything anymore.  But to hedge my bets, I’m like you, I’m focusing on my kids and grandkids, brothers and sister and preparing for a survival.  

  4. what will the world be like in what we’d call the year 32,000? I would think that it would depend on where in the various cycles the world is, the state of society. There’ll be an ice age or two in between then and now, maybe the axis will shift. Maybe people will blow up the big cities and will wander in the desert before rebuilding civilizations.

    I have no reason to doubt that this has already happened. Not that there was a previous New York or Shanghai, but fully developed societies with a rich history, now forever lost. Maybe there’s something buried under the snow and ice in Antarctica.

  5. The Swine Flu song

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