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When you assume a worst cast scenario you can prepare mentally for things that may not turn out as bad as they look.

Unplug the signal:The truth will not be televised

You are a slave to the government

Woman, 61, arrested for asing why

Leaked UN documents reveal plan for Green World Order by 2012

That is the beauty of the internet.  I can choose news over being told why the whale should be killed.


Still has a video of Bilderberger Rick Perry grabbing the camera and slinking away back into his limo after being asked real questions.

Also from the Contrail vs Chemtrail video has clips from a mainstream NBC station openly discussing the three purposes of the “secret” chemtrail program.

From lamestream news.  HLN today asked the question do you favor genetic testing.  Do you want your doctor to have that information under the guise of the potential “improvements” big pharma would have in tayloring your specific meds to your specific genetic profile.

Well, hello Dr. Fucking Mengele you sheeple shit moron zombinals.

First off the already have the DNA of my grandson’s.

They will use it to develop the next eugenics plague.

It will get attached to your permanent digital medical records which will never be private.  It will deny you insurance, a job, a position in the evil Illuminati and or living quarters in the underground continuity of government survivalist bunkers.


    • Joy B. on February 28, 2010 at 18:31

    I’m sorry (but not really) about the lady whose ponytail apparently got her killed by a killer whale. But come on! The irony jokes started immediately, because some awful things are just too ironic not to be funny. It’s gotta be hard to say to people “my kid was eaten by a shark,” or “my kid was swallowed by an anaconda,” but “my kid was killed by a killer whale?” WTF??? Isn’t that why they call ’em “Killer Whales?”

    Okay. I’m at Grandma’s getting her moved into assisted living and settled in. So have television, which we haven’t had in our own home since 1976. I am once again starkly reminded of why… ยง;o)

  1. Couldn’t find the one on Rick Perry.  Did see video on the Chemtrail subject.  My comment of the other thread certainly seemed to have aligned perfectly with the content in that video.

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