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Are you an “belligent enemy”?


The War on Sport fishermen


A disease to watch and or the coverage or not about it.

WeAreChangeLA talks with Chelene Nightengale


Disney promoting eugenics.


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  1. How about jobs to clean up the oceans, rivers and wetlands?

    For many people fishing not only provides enjoyment of the outdoors, but food! And how about making strict laws restricting the production of plastic bottles and other products that end up at sea and on the beaches? But But that would hurt the corporate bottom line. And take the cigarette out of your mouth Barack.

  2. We’ve had broccoli and some eggplant and peppers all year.

    We had lots of beans last year, but they were too stringy.

    I don’t know if we’re going to do them this year. We can supplement our grocery shopping quite well from May to September. We need to work hard this year with a winter selection.

    Our lemon tree produces all year, and we now have three orange trees. Hopefully, we can soon have oranges most of the year. We planted a nectarine and peach tree about 6 months ago. Right now the peach tree has gorgeous pink blossoms, wow! The nectarine tree should be flowering soon.

    And our apple tree is a great producer.

    About a year ago we planted an assortment of berries on the slope. Got some nice blueberries, and this year hope to see raspberries and blackberries. Tried cantaloupe and corn last year, but they didn’t work out. We have a 250 gallon water tank that captures water from our roof. It’s for emergencies. Can’t drink it, but could use it to water plants in a crunch or fill toilet tanks.

    We’ve been at it about 2 years seriously. Last year was our first significant harvest. My wife was the impetus behind this effort. We’re getting better at it, but my back just doesn’t allow me to get over enthusiastic, but I stupidly do anyhow.

    I also sense great difficulties ahead, and we’re also in earthquake country. I’ve been through two 7’s——–

    Now if we can hang in there till medicare, we will probably be okay, but $14,000 a year for healthcare is not fun. Got 3 more years, and also pay for one of my grown up kids.

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