Active Policy of Ignorance Management

Another line I love.  Yes Virginia there is a Bilderberg and it’s not your father’s Bilderberg anymore!


Does it really make sense to reform a media systems which is just Project Mockingbird/Strategic Communications Laboratories prole specific propaganda dissemination.…

One Trillion dollars worth of industrial minerals in Afghanistan.  Hmmm.  How convienient.  When did torsional vortex imaging go “online” meaning when did “they” know the exact locations of all the world’s mineral resources.…

Don’t you dare fly over that oil slick.

How dare you rescue that 13 year old girl.…

Civil asset forfeiture

Is there a Green Light for the Bomb Iran crowd?……

Congressman assaulting students.


  1. They are doing pretty good as ignorance and delusion seems to abound on every side. CT is much more believable then any ‘news’ were getting. Can’t figure out why the reality of say climate change or the folly of oily carbon extraction is centering on tourism and jobs and how we can’t afford clean innovative energy or products that are carbon based. It’s bizarre that people seem unfazed by the reality they are living in or watching. I guess they prefer the filters that make any perspective, priority, or grasp of cause and effect impossible. they call this progress and technology because how in the world can we exist without giant gas guzzling cars or blackberries and ipads. Turns out GS is heavily intertwined with BP why am I not surprised.      

    • Joy B. on June 19, 2010 at 19:52

    is and has always been the job of cable news, and that has filtered down to all the ships below… er, all the MSM outlets print or broadcast.

    The power of corporate cable 24-7 news was apparent from the beginning after CNN’s launch, and reached it’s lightbulb moment with Bernie and Gulf War-I with the every 15-minute rebroadcast of one ‘smart’ bomb going down one random chimney. As Conrad Brean said in Wag The Dog, it could’a been shot in the same back lot where they did the moon landings [snark].

    Now the smooth-bland propaganda comes in various poli-slant flavors, but basically it’s all just spoon-fed distraction. Which sets the narrative for the ‘official’ histories that school children are indoctrinated into en masse. Real history is something only serious investigative historians are allowed to speak about, and only in tome-length books that don’t get much attention.

    But I’m here to tell you that MSM was all about ignorance management well before CNN and FoxNews, et al. I was personally told by the science editor at WaPo in 1980 – while the board was sifting through various upsetting revelations about the state of corporate/governmental affairs for a story or two they could actually report, that they were sitting on the explosive evidence that chlorine causes cancer all by itself, and its use in paper manufacturing releases large amounts of dioxin into waterways. Both situations eventually became known years later after the effects could no longer be ignored, but supposed ‘journalists’ and publishers knew all about it years before those effects became obvious.

    I doubt there’s any cabal of superrich, behind-the-scenes manipulators conspiring in some bunker to destroy our planet and send humanity to the brink of extinction. But nothing in politics – or in corporate culture – occurs by accident. Except for the inevitable accidents, of course. I know that no one conspired to melt the reactor at Three Mile Island, and I don’t believe that anyone conspired to blow the Deepwater Horizon and kill the Gulf. The conspiracies simply led to them, then attempted (sometimes successfully) to cover them up.

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