Davos Globalist Scumbag Meeting

Go head, Google It!

Click on the Globalist Crime Syndicate link.


File not found!  Hey Julian Assange, what a frigging surprize.

Thumbprints to cash a check!


OK, my “temp agency” checks come from another company DBA/doing business as, that encourages “trust” don’t it, a company alias, well anyway, the company wants the bank to “call this number” to “verify” the frigging check.  Electronic implantable virtual microchips of Satan aside, WTF?!

Sharia law in Ohio!


Whole sections of Rense on S510, the frankenfoods Bill!

Also a graphic from the exhiled David Dees.  I wonder how he is making out.


Another one

Health Risk Assesment

It wants you to know what your HDL and LDL levels are.  I don’t, why well because “your” medical records, in spite of you having to fill out several forms saying they ARE they ARE NOT PRIVATE.  I have the full chart of who gets access to them from the now defunct webpage.

I had to buy junk mandatory Marxachusetts medical insurance during my 99er years and now the prospect of re-entering once again the medical surveillance society is now a slightly plausible prospect.

Will I rush into the doctor’s office?  Decisions, decisions.  Will I make the appointment for a blood test.  Maybe not.  For sure though the medical surveillance system in “this post 911 world” is surely enhanced.  The marketing of ask your doctor for is several years old now as evidenced by the throw a rock to your next CVS.  Yes, we lost the war of drugs, the war of error and even the “green” war.