Kill Switch

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The Conspiracy of the Elite has always been able to throw the kill switch. It’s what they do. They kill whatever stands in their way. Whether it is the resistance to their domination by the common man. Or a “Leader” who doesn’t want to go along with their agenda of world domination. Or the Earth herself who does not yield to their rape and pillage without a fight. This Elite of banksters, financiers, industrialists, military professionals and philosophers of elite exceptionalism gather under names like Bilderberg, Trilateral, CFR, G8 and others in secret and public places always protected by a phalanx of kill switch security armed to euthanize the prying eyes of the public and those brave enough to resist.  

To deny this conspiracy of the elite is to deny the earth orbits the sun or the tides are effected by the moon. To deny an elite gathers in secret to decide the fate of nations or the value of money or to plan war and recession is to deny we need water and air to survive. It is a truth which is self-evident.


It is beyond political party as Clinton and Kissinger and Bush and Kerry mingle and moan under the light of the Bohemian Grove moon. It is an elite which believes, as David Rockefeller reportedly said, in a “supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers, which is surely preferable to the national auto determination practiced in past centuries.”

I had to look up “auto-determination.” It means self determination. In other words, as many of our political heroes, like the American Founder Thomas Jefferson, argued for the right of the people to self-determination and against Central Banking power, the undeniable elite of today is both anti-American and inhuman. They believe Might Makes Right and Money Makes Might.

Yet, this is what “leadership” means in today’s world: The People are incapable of governing themselves and must be governed by an intellectual elite who knows best like Father or Big Brother or The President or the Chairman of the Board.

So is any it wonder when “rogue nations” like Iraq, Iran, N. Korea, Afghanistan, Libya, Venezuela, FILL IN THE BLANK don’t want to kow-tow to the World Bank, Central Bank, IMF elite they are targeted for destruction? Is that why Cheney wants war with China?  

Is it any wonder clean, free energy research is shut down so as not to threaten the monopoly of OIL? Is it any wonder the Banksters of the world have deprived people of sovereignty over their own money-supply, ie the Federal Reserve, and instead have enslaved the people of the world with the connivance and compliance of their blue blood, elite-run or mercenary governments to the model of money as debt? The Philospher’s Stone – Gold is created by Bookmaking. Is it any wonder we wobble toward a police state which views the people as the enemy? Or a World War Without End against people who would rather live free or die?

Is it any wonder the American Anti-Hero, Joe Lieberman, a traitor to humanity, is the author of the Internet “kill switch”? The internet is the last best organizing principle of resistance against the Conspiracy of the Elite. And the “kill switch” is the classic Big Lie technique. The kill switch is not about protecting the public against terrorism but protecting the Elite against The People.

Barack Obama is as much a part of this system as The Godfather was to organized crime. Indeed the World today as represented by the Military-Industrial-Financial-Media-Political-Complex is nothing more than the Mafia writ large. The current creep (or sprint as the case may be) toward Totalitarian Fascism is but the rush to Global Organized Crime. And Obama is nothing but a gung-ho middle manager. He’s a vapid little frat-boy from a broken home trying to show he belongs in the Ivy League of White Power.

Many folks who read this are already awake and hip to what is going on. But many still hold out hope for change and can’t believe they put their hope for change in the Gravy Train of the Money Power. These are the same folks who look at the controlled demolition of WTC #7 (not to mention the Towers) and say, “Yup, that makes sense to me. It’s the plane, boss.”

Is it any wonder the Brownshirt Army of Teabaggers is being deployed against the only folks who might stand up to the War Against Liberty? And how ironic, the Brownshirts use an icon of liberty as their banner to kill free-thinkers, artists, liberals, gays, immigrants and women who are sick and tired of the genocide of men, women and children by men.

If you think things are going to change through politics you are not awake. If you think the mid-term election matters you are asleep at the wheel. If you think there is hope or change or the Second Coming then, well….join the cult of Magical Thinking R Us.

We have few choices now: To organize beyond the Internet for our future of Kill Switch Disaster Capitalism (Think the Postman.) It’s broke-back mountain down to the local level. (You think the collapse of the USSR can’t happen here? Think again. ). To hoard and find a cave or facsimile. (Think cigarettes, booze, toilet paper and bullets for the Black Market to come.) To just say, “This too will pass.”

But whatever you choose, don’t choose hope or change or Democrats or Republicans.

Choose truth.

Risk! Risk anything! Care no more for the opinions of others, for those voices. Do the hardest thing on earth for you. Act for yourself. Face the truth.”

Katherine Mansfield


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  1. Want to play choose your disaster?

    A black hole in the ocean combined with toxic corexit rain.

    Continued engineered finanacial depression.

    World War Three starting in Iran.

    No more unemployment benefits.

    The increasing new sunspot cycle taking out the power grid.

    Increased natural disaster, volcanos,earthquakes,floods.

    The war on truth it is and “they” apparently are “concerned”.

  2. Your writing carries such power, and you have perfectly described the true nature of the beast we are up against.

    Amen, sweetheart, amen.

  3. Yes the TRUTH is our “only” hope.

    We the People are no longer American “citizens”.

    We the People are now & have been for quite a long while,  only Corporate “subjects”.

    The Gulf, Washington DC, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Every City, County & State in America, the Entire World – ALL are  drowning in a raging, suicidal, deadly sea of LIES. Lies fueled by only two things – Power & Greed!

    I just saw the HBO documentary “GasLine” – it is “far more” terrifying than what is happening in the Gulf of Mexico. Companies like Hailburton & other soulless dead eyed oil companies are literally “poisoning our drinking water” in 33 states, as well as releasing massive amounts of deadly toxins into the air. This new technique for getting natural gas, “fracturing”, has been going on across America for 6 YEARS! In addition to poisoning our water & air, it will use 45 TRILLION gallons of water to force the natural gas out of the ground! INSANITY!!!!

    The sun offers endless clean energy, yet we foul our oceans, our drinking water, our air & spend ONE TRILLION dollars per year on endless CORPORATE WAR to secure the ancient sunlight of oil, while the fresh easily obtainable solar energy that strikes Earth every day is not being actively utilized in order to protect & continue oil “profits” & endless war “profits”. INSANITY!!!!

    America & the World needs an awakening!

    We must awaken from this Corporate Nightmare.

    We must awaken from the LIES of DARKNESS.

    We must awaken to the bright shining LIGHT of TRUTH!

    Wake Up America to the LIGHT of TRUTH!

    Soulless CORPORATISM is THE greatest danger that mankind has “ever” faced!

    WAKE UP!


    WAKE UP!


  4. are just around the corner. Naked capitalism is back with a vengeance. Except this time, everybody has guns and ammo.

    But I’m not sure they have a clue who to shoot. But not to worry, they’ll get their cues from TV news.

    Last summer’s choreographed dry run worked pretty well. And Obama is their dream come true. But there’s a limit to the number of bogeymen they can invent and the tall tales they can tell, I would think. But they’re pretty inventive, and I’m sure they have plenty of writers.

    Too bad we have to pay for it. Or do we?

  5. This Elite of banksters, financiers, industrialists, military professionals and philosophers of elite exceptionalism gather under names like Bilderberg, Trilateral, CFR, G8 and others in secret and public places always protected by a phalanx of kill switch security armed to euthanize the prying eyes of the public and those brave enough to resist.  

    This strikes me as a grotesque oversimplification.  And I don’t think it’s a helpful one.  It gets us into our bunker.  It gets us to batten down the hatches.  But does it advance the struggle for a just and fair world?  I don’t think so. In fact, I think it renders us powerless, or it pushes us into violating laws (so we can easily be confined), or makes us roll over and play dead.  It doesn’t do anything to light us up.  To lift us up.  To bring light and love and effort and struggle and justice and freedom and equality to the planet.

    Maybe I’m just f*cking grumpy this evening. The idea of “acting for yourself” imo is some recycled Any Rand bs. The problem we have is that we don’t act for each other.  We don’t support each other.  We’re all about business as usual.  Enough of the conspiracies, already.  We don’t need caves and bullets and acting for ourselves.  Haven’t we seen enough of that already?  We need to get together and work together.

    Flame away.  I could care less.  

    • banger on June 29, 2010 at 05:08

    I can understand why so many just want to turn it off and avoid the pain.  

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