Pharmageddon News

Lamestream news begets lamestream culture especially in the minds of “professionals”.  Having financial problems so I went to my financial planner.  He did however have a problem with my plan of cash money in a fireproof safe.  It is his livelyhood to sell you pieces of paper which say you have money,money later that is.  Bank,stock,bond or offshore derivatives none of it is edible.  If the institution goes so the the money.  Future?  There is no future.

My heart is pounding because I know how Richard will react.  I am even embarrassed as a former professional in asking a question to another professional which sounds like I missed my psych meds so instead I outline all of the other family financial problems first.  Unemployed 1 year with zero prospects, UI benefits expire end October plus my nurse’s aid wife in the direct crosshairs of the deadly flu shot.

“But why would that affect the economy”, says Richard.

No, he does not grasp the depth of the situation, how can he, I have a problem with it too.  Financial planning is all about the future, so it’s my problem knowing THERE IS NO FUTURE.

I heard him utter the phrase it’s too big to fail and we all know that’s a crock of shit.

So finally I have to tell him.  There are internet rumors that the swine flu vaccine is at best untested and at worse a bio-weapon.

Blank stare, flatliner, brain cells shut off and now I’m sure he thinks I need meds but he is a professional and comes out with the standard everyone has a right to an opinion speech.  It is his job to read and study all the time to keep abreast.Yeah, I had to read trade mags all the time too yet I was incensed when some piece of new technology was evil,retarded or it’s benefits were hyped beyond the limits of common sense.  Must be just my opinion.  Richard no doubt reads alot, so much so acceptance of spoon fed censored lamestream corporate news of whatever flavor he identifies with most has to be the favored route.  Plus in his profession political partisanship has to be a verboten topic meaning he MUST present himself like the NEUTRAL  Swiss banker.

So it was a short meeting.  You can take the 401K money but there is a penalty.

Well if you never intend on filing a 1040 ever again…..hoping they are having manpower problems detaining flu shot resisters.