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Marxachusetts Mandatory Medical

Today’s Federal judge ruling on the unconstitutionality of Obama’s mandatory medical can be put in my diversion category.  I have to currently take up space here in Marxachusetts due to financial concerns so I can testify to the suck factor of these “plan enhancements”.  In the early days of the Mass medical nightmare I downloaded the application which is far more intrusive than the 2010 US Community Census questionaire.  It is let’s say IRSesque and the original implied that if you were over 55 years of age they would just bill your estate for past medical expenses.

Anyway even “your” body is no longer “yours”.  It belongs to big pharma and the nanny state which insists you don’t smoke, eat french fries and Twinkies or ride a bicycle without spandex and a funny looking helmet.  We lost the war on drugs cause you can throw a rock from one CVS to the next.  The answer is in the pill you asked your doctor for.  Google it to see if Feinstein and Goldtein Attorneys at law have a class action suit for you.

Now I don’t mean to make light of people who do have genuine health problems but there are well documented studies of the ill effects of marketing on medicine.

Then there was this.


It did take me a bit longer to come up with the term Marxachusetts.

I am more of a naturalnews guy myself.


I don’t own a cell phone, never bought a bottle of Purelle and I don’t have a problem mucking out three stalls so I don’t need a gym for exercise.  The insurance companies know you have a life.  They know you can’t/won’t stay on the phone 45 minutes bitching about lab fees they didn’t cover.  Note how during “open enrollment” they don’t even tell you what IS covered and or the plans read like your 1040 long form in biz/legal Orwellian doublespeak.

My impressions from the RFD channel show that big ag wants to position itself to feed the developing world, ie, the countries Wall Street sent your job to.

Oh, and the most important of all is in spite of them telling you, promising you and making you sign a retarded HIPPA medical record privacy statement the real fact is your medical records are about as private as a Facebook page.

I have of several computers the chart of legal users of “your” “privat” medical records.  And yes, they historized that site months ago.

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