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Going to the Dogs – Stock Analysis not fit for family

You can’t buy this kind of indepth analysis found on a stock message board:

There are many anecdotes about dogs smelling cancer incl. one in the news last week in which the woman had no symptoms and no idea she had cancer, but her dog sniffed it out, she got checked, and now credits the rescued dog for rescuing her back.

Can you imagine? Guided goes away, replaced by dogs sniffing crotches — they do have eons of ancestral experience at that!

Men meet women, wine & dine them, send flowers, dress up, cologne, spend lots of money while the brilliant canines just saunter up, sniff the bitches’ crotches, one whiff, “She’s for ME!”

Reference for completeness only:…

Best,  Terry


I went into a public-‘ouse to get a pint o’ beer,

The publican ‘e up an’ sez, “We serve no red-coats here.”

The girls be’ind the bar they laughed an’ giggled fit to die,

I outs into the street again an’ to myself sez I:

O it’s Tommy this, an’ Tommy that, an’ “Tommy, go away”;

But it’s “Thank you, Mister Atkins”, when the band begins to play,

The band begins to play, my boys, the band begins to play,

O it’s “Thank you, Mister Atkins”, when the band begins to play.

I went into a theatre as sober as could be,

They gave a drunk civilian room, but ‘adn’t none for me;

They sent me to the gallery or round the music-‘alls,

But when it comes to fightin’, Lord! they’ll shove me in the stalls!

For it’s Tommy this, an’ Tommy that, an’ “Tommy, wait outside”;

But it’s “Special train for Atkins” when the trooper’s on the tide,

The troopship’s on the tide, my boys, the troopship’s on the tide,

O it’s “Special train for Atkins” when the trooper’s on the tide.

At least there won’t be many Tommies this time but there will be little or nothing for the families, widows and orphans let alone the old Tommies.

The rich and middle class need the money.

The poor need nothing because they know how to do without.

Best,  Terry

Which Side of Hell Do You Wish To Spend Eternity In

The usher asks the new arrival his preference.

– What is the difference?

– One is on the right and the left.

– Is there any other difference?

– No.

This comment on a now aging book reminded me of the one time fevered discussion of how we had failed to do something about the genocide in Rwanda:

“I pulled the book off the shelf last night, and was reminded that it is brilliant, a carefully written, deeply researched indictment of American indifference in the face of atrocity. And I realized that the humanitarian catastrophe in Syria must be driving Power mad with frustration — frustration, of course, with Bashar al-Assad’s killer regime and frustration with the international community (so-called), in particular the Russians, who will do almost anything to protect the regime from censure, but also frustration with those in the administration who have spent the past two years looking for ways to distance the U.S. from the horror.”…

There are no answers.

Fortunately there is no eternal hell.  We serve our time here and then are no more.

Best,  Terry


The now venerable cruise missile is quite different from the Predator drones.  It relies on inboard programmed intelligence instead of remote piloting.  Sensors of the missile scan the heavens for route correction while other sensors feed ground data to stored cartographic data.  

Reporters at a hotel in one war torn capital noted that the slow-moving cruise missiles seemed to be headed for a direct strike at their hotel and then seemed to veer off as if they were reading the street signs.

There was a blow up in relations between Clinton’s White House and China when cruise missiles struck the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade.  The Chinese screamed they had painted “Chinese Embassy” on the roof.  It made me think of the challenge of realtime optical character recognition (OCR} combined with interpretation of the characters to abort the mission even as it descended on the target.

It would be an uncertain challenge indeed but perhaps no greater than the efforts needed for realtime path correction.

It appears now it is just a matter of time before we see some cruising in and near Damascus.  The slow-moving, low-flying cruise missiles are vulnerable to ground fire but resist radar that would much more easily take out drones.

Best,  Terry

Long Before There Was Earth, There was Light

Life was born in darkness in poisonous, oxygen-free volcanic vents in the depths of the oceans – or so current leading theories hold.  Dr. Frankenstein’s primeval soup that bore life with the aid of lightning strikes is being relegated to mythology alongside autochthonous creation of humans and curing depressions with austerity.

Terry Turpin is not yet the Master of Light but he has made a promising start with a reach backward to the future with light.

Turpin processes images in real-time that take 20 engineers 6 months to process at Raytheon (RTN) or Lockheed (LMT). And he does it in a device about the size of a shoebox

Page 3, .pdf file…

As you probably guessed, most of what Turpin is doing is hidden behind high security walls. What you perhaps didn’t expect is that Turpin’s superfast computers are analog computers.

What NSA and by extension IRS and the whole security state spying apparatus could do with such computers is obvious but analog computers need lots of work to enter the digital world.  For now, they are only useful in very small numbers for finding real security threats.

Best,  Terry

High technology green energy like you never imagined it before

Even small children understand this entertaining “high tech” video quite easily but Obama and Bill McKibben cannot:…

For the record, I assume but do not know that the new green plastics not made from fossil fuels would be converted just as easily – and recycled, if desired.

It takes somewhat more ingenuity and effort to convert pig farts to tomatoes but that is a story for another time:

Are Hydroponic Tomatoes Fertilized With Pig Stench Organic?

Almost certainly no.

    Pig city

   Another livestock emissions research farm, but this time dedicated to recycling the metabolic waste of pigs, is being built in Denmark.

   Gottlan Paludan, the lead architect in the construction of the “City of Pigs”, says the purpose is “to analyse the synergies of large-scale livestock raising and the production of tomatoes, in order to take advantage, in a reciprocal way, of the waste that each process produces.”

   The site of the pig farm, on the Jutland Peninsula, allows the filtration and absorption of CO2, ammonia and other gases. The manure will be reused to generate biogas, which in turn will produce electricity. The manure will also be recycled to remove water and produce natural fertilisers.…

Efforts to go fully commercial were in progress last I checked but the pigs were getting company from less smelly livestock.  Air filters are used to collect the ammonia from gaseous emissions.

Best,  Terry  

Liar’s Poker Update on Green or Not So Green Germany

So which is true?

Ever since Chancellor Angela Merkel announced a phase-out of nuclear energy over the next decade and pledged to generate as much as 80% of the country’s electricity from renewables by 2050, big question marks have been hanging over the future of coal and gas-fired plants in Germany.

Merkel, seeking a third term in general elections on September 22, is a staunch supporter of this hugely popular policy move.

But the turnaround is depriving utilities, including market leaders RWE and E.ON, of massive profits from their atomic plants and turning their gas and coal-fired stations into loss-makers as they are sidelined by rival renewable sources of energy.…

I don’t expect there are copious tears shed for the utilities with their decaying dirty power around here and surely not in this corner.

But what of this from a now decaying, unloved posting:

The German Association of Energy Consumers estimates that up to 800,000 Germans have had their power cut off because they couldn’t pay the country’s rising electricity bills…

For many weeks in December and January, Germany’s 1.1 million solar power systems generated almost no electricity. During much of those overcast winter months, solar panels more or less stopped generating electricity. To prevent blackouts, grid operators had to import nuclear energy from France and the Czech Republic and power up an old oil-fired power plant in Austria.…

Without being on the ground with access to all the available data, it is impossible to ascertain the truth of matters.  My bias is that both are true.  A mobile blind man might feel two different aspects of the elephant but still would not know much about the beast.

What we do know is that intermittent power is – umm – intermittent and must be supplemented by baseload power.  Baseload renewable power is far cheaper and more available than all other energy sources.

Ancient inhabitants of North America some 12,000 years ago are known to have cooked with geothermal energy and millenia later, the ancient Romans used the same source of heat for their baths.  Of course fire was discovered much earlier and perhaps utilized by ancestors of humans. Biomass is a new word for the most ancient of all technologies.  There was then no need to freeze in the dark when the distant sun was neglecting earth.

So why do we concentrate on poisonous and haphazard sources of supply of energy?

Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former. – Albert Einstein

Albert forgot human greed but no one knows everything.

Best,  Terry

Geothermal Power From Abandoned Oil Wells

Al Jazeera making case for utilizing abandoned oil wells for geothermal…

Sorry, Americans, Time-Warner has decreed you cannot watch Muslim propaganda – at least for those of us who subscribe to Time-Warner.

The principle is simple enough.  Hot water from deep oil or gas wells can generate electricity without drilling.

The hot water is a burden today for active producers as it is not only produced in far greater quantity than the methane and petroleum from which it must separated but is loaded with often noxious chemicals and may even be radioactive.

Abandoned mines also produce hot water in quantity. Entrepreneurial firms offer portable geothermal power platforms to miners but they may require some drilling.  Miners and water don’t mix well.  A Papua New Guinea gold miner has struck gold with its use of hot water for power that has expanded to use far away from the mine.

But you should understand it’s not the expensive sometime energy from solar and wind beloved by politicians and fossil fuel purveyors so we care little about such ways of producing energy.

Thanks, Time-Warner, for helping keep those coal mines open and drillers busy.  The Koch brothers and Exxon must be appreciative.

Best,  Terry

Plead Guilty, Fool, The Truth Means Nothing To Anyone Who Counts

A very old woman, worn and haggard from a lifetime of struggle, appeared for the last time before a New Jersey appeals court to ask again that the court consider the evidence exonerating her executed husband.  It mattered greatly to her though the court could do nothing about the dead.  

In its immutable wisdom, the court decided it was best left to history.

And so it was.

The woman died soon after and the lies continue unabated and are strengthened and propagated by the very FBI that abandoned the case under J. Edgar Hoover, reputedly because of the bad conduct and false evidence from the New Jersey cops.

The widow of “the fiend of the century,” Bruno Hauptmann, might at least have been spared her long widowhood if Hauptmann had only confessed to a crime he didn’t commit.  

Not, mind you, when Hauptmann first appeared in court for his arraignment with the marks of his – ummm, interrogation clearly visible.  We nearly beat a confession out of him, a cop was reported to have said.

Rather, on the eve of his execution, the Governor of New Jersey pleaded with Hauptmann to confess in a room close to the electric chair so the governor could commute his sentence to life.

Hauptmann refused.  He didn’t want his wife and young son to bear the burden of a false confession.  

They were spared from nothing at all.  Instead they had to endure additional pain.

I have never been quite able to wrap myself around the lifelong admiration of Benjamin Franklin for Cotton Mather, he of the Salem witch trials.  Franklin was a horny old goat, who wasn’t much of a husband, but, geez, he did seem a most honorable fellow in some regards though liberals don’t count for much these days.

These morose thoughts were revived when I looked again at the refusal of courts to consider the exculpatory evidence, including DNA, against another innocent man, a friend.  It’s too painful to regurgitate and probably harmful to any last slender hope of freedom after decades of imprisonment.

Justice will come in an afterlife only there isn’t any.



We Liberals Just Don’t Get We Should Surrender to Romney Democrats

Cory Booker Wins Senate Primary: The Far-Left Wins Nothing — Again…

To be honest, I may know even less than this rightwing hack editorializing in the tabloid Huffington Post about Cory Booker.

What I do know is that Cory Booker, fake liberal, was enraged with the attacks on Romney’s “capitalism” in which Cory Booker apparently partakes with his own “private equity” corporation.  These outfits have been the primary driver, along with their financiers, in de-industrializing America and pouring trillions of dollars into off-shore tax shelters.

if the far-left was more politically savvy, its strongest voices would’ve seen the strategic advantage in supporting Booker even though they don’t align exactly with Booker’s politics. The smart play here would’ve been to have supported Booker knowing that they’d have been more successful lobbying a would-be Senator Booker in support of progressive legislation than it would’ve been to lobby a would-be Republican Senator Lonegan.

And how successful will actual Democrats [I prefer the old profane canards from Rahm Immanuel to the softer lies from Bob Cesca] be explaining to a vulture that feasting on the rotting corpses of businesses that he has killed may not be preferable to getting businesses runing and workers employed in America?

You never really know how things will turn out.  The ugly, demented Nixon somehow presided over the most liberal administration in America in the 20th Century despite all its failings.

The sainted Jimmy Carter abandoned Keynes and gave us the Misery Index before Bill Clinton really took the economies of the whole damn planet down by heeding the advice of Larry Summers to rid restraints on the bankers.

The latter was all so predictable that even I did so though admittedly I couldn’t possibly have been more wrong about Nixon.  I just don’t trust the unbalanced haters.

Booker has yet to show his true color, so to speak.

Best,  Terry

Psycho Ward Attitude Correction Comes to America

NYPD Threw Truth-Telling Cop in Psycho Ward for 6 Days, and Tried to Coerce Crime Victims to Produce Better Stats…

The old Soviet Union used to make liberal use of insane asylums to squelch dissent under the rational assumption that anyone protesting in such a dictatorship had to be crazy.

There is no intention here of claiming that America is quite so brutal nor as systematic.  The headline betrays a somewhat less than – umm, unbiased report but the lengthy detailing of matters does clearly demonstrate the farce of claiming that reporting inside an abusive bureaucracy is likely to lead to correction.

An investigating officer appointed in Vietnam when I was there was tasked to look into matters when a sgt was charged with misconduct.  “Hanging Sam” Williams (the appellation came from the general being a Nuremburg judge) had decided the troops needed some discipline and, much like Obama’s recent word to civil servants to look for troublemakers among fellow workers, word went out that the general needed some examples.

The investigating officer actually did an investigation of the reported “incident.”  He reported the sergeant had done nothing at all wrong.  Not very smart.  While the sergeant was accepting a cut in pay and loss of rank rather than being court martialed, the investigating officer got a letter of reprimand sent to him and his commanding officer ordering that the lieutenant be instructed on how to do an impartial and thorough investigation.

Well that’s just routine in the military as Bradley Manning could tell you now were he allowed but now we are going civilian.

Best,  Terry  

Lions Set To Roar

There is not so much good news around today but here is some great news:

There has been much made of the idea of African ‘lion’ countries, mimicking Asia’s famous ‘tigers’. There is no reason Africa shouldn’t start behaving like Asia – hordes of international businessmen should travel to air-conditioned offices and lavishly appointed bars in cities like Nairobi and Dar Es Salaam well within my lifetime. There are many thorns that need to be removed from the paws of these lions. But I do propose that renewable energy, in particular geothermal energy with its formidable baseload potential, can help provide both the energy and cultural electrification that sub-Saharan Africa needs, bringing international partnerships and healthy and competitive economies with it.


While Nigeria to Libya struggle with the corruption and warfare involved in fossil fuels – and truth be told in the infernal solar and wind sometime power – a real revolution is occurring in some of the poorest and most blighted lands of the planet with earth power.

Kenya is established in the geothermal sector, and the next hot markets are likely Djibouti, Ethiopia, and especially Tanzania.

In fact Kenya is only beginning to exploit its geothermal resources while even Rwanda is getting into the act.

Unlike extractive industries, there are only rarely any manner of terrorist attacks on geothermal power plants though initial resistance to exploiting the abundance of power offered by Mother Earth is often ferocious.  Hard to top the wild celebration in Hawaii when a geothermal power development was stopped cold over such reasons as the insult to Pele, the Goddess of Fire.  The revered Sen. Inouye was there to brag on getting a federal grant to aid in ending the project.  An also-ran was an environmentalist parade and celebration in San Jose when the reputed most promising project area of the time was halted after a couple decades of struggle.

May the Lions roar.

Obama, a boy ought to keep in contact with his grandmother.  Your Kenyan grandmother could probably explain to you what your advisers can’t.

Best,  Terry

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