Grampy Connection

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All three of the grandkids hop on my fuel injected 750 ATV.  It has become a weekend ritual at Grampy’s new place.  Ride Grampy, ride.  RJ waits until I get home.  My wife offers him a ride but he wants Grampy. The amazing one for this story is my third grandchild.  Blonde haired and blue eyes he never stops.  Not even two yet.  Kids are closer to God I say.

I can get the front end of this thing in the air but I don’t with the kids on it.  It does have one of those queen seats the older kids can’t fall out of.  Oh, none of us have helmets on.  The blue eyed one sits in front of me, my left arm encircles him.  We head down the driveway.  “Fast”, they say and 750cc of fuel injection delivers (front end on the ground Grampy) squeals of delight.   It is a perfect weather summer day.  Nature treats us to a rabbit grazing in the clearing at the end of the driveway. They know my usual route so they start chanting “in the woods, in the woods”, the ATV easily negotiates the steep hill. While the ATV is quite capable of maneuvering the forest terrain, I don’t think some add-ons such as Yamaha Blaster plastics or some similar fenders would hurt, would it? A little customization is sure to go a long way! Anyway, that is still a matter of consideration at the moment. The path through the woods puts us at the site of the next suburban McMansion yet the kids are in awe at the vast woodlands they are surrounded by.  We head up the other hill returning to the house, the fire pit, and the family cookout area.  Tonight’s menu is Steve’s legendary steak and cheese.

The older kids get off the ATV and I notice the fire dying down.  Those blue eyes connect with mine and I say “we have to fix the fire”.

Mind you, he is not even two years old yet.

“We have to fix the fire”.

Yes, there is a passifier in his mouth but he is becoming his own person.  I lift him off the seat.

So what does he do?

Walks up to the woodpile and grabs a piece of wood.  Ok, kid, blow me away with language I don’t think you should understand yet but obviously do.

When you get older I will tell you about your brother handing me a set of needle nose pliers three times at the Agway store.  He knew we were going fishing by the river.  “No, we don’t need these, put back, Daddy has a pair already.”  Grampy thought of the needlenose pliers in his father’s shelf in the garage, so we didn’t NEED to buy another set.  OK, well a fish died because Grampy was wrong.  The pliers were not on the shelf Grampy thought of and Grampy will forever remain in awe and document the wonders of new life and people closer to God.

May these kids develop the wisdom to discern genuine love from the devoid nothingness of their probable dystopian future.  May they become Knights of the Veil.


We can’t have a campfire because of global warming, carbon footprint taxing globalist Bernie Madoff smart meter promoting, blow up non-believers, eugenics for control and capitalist profit margin people exploitation purposes?

Grampy says use dry pine to start the fire quickly, then hardwoods for lasting hot coals.  Ash burns well even if green.  You kids should know this first, even before you learn to dial me up on your parents cell phone.  I have one grandchild fascinated by electronic crap, my heart bleeds.

Saw a lamestream picture and “news story” about the release of Casey Anthony.  It mixed in with my disgust of America today and my precious grandkids.  Casey was being released.  She was followed by this bag of testosterone correctional institution sargent in a bulletproof vest.  Armed with one of those Navy Seal type MP-4s and a Glock 45 sidearm, at least 275 pounds of policy enforcement power.  

A glowing testament to the fall of America.  Yeah, I have to go to my mindless dead end job tomorrow, at the paint drying factory of ancient military contractor technology when we could have flying cars for you and me.…


  1. Thank you, LH — I like being a long-arm part of your life, so to speak.  I always picture myself there, looking in on the entire scene.  Thanks goodness, there are still those who LOVE children as you do!

  2. Years ago, I thought we should have rubber cars, powered by solar energy.  Like the “dodgems” at a carnival, where if you banged into someone, there was NO damage.

    But also for many years, I had this vision of people flying around in small bubble-like helicopters — like small bugs with a view all around, not flying too high, nor too fast — but, probably, with all the air space, people would still crash into each other.

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