Mother vs Grandaughter

Ma, at 82 has fallen down and broken her elbow, medical institution policy imminent and contrasted with the four thousand dollar childbirth bills of my daughter.

I had three kids.  Yes, at that time we had our pick of up to five different medical insurance carriers each offering a variety of coverage options.  I don’t recall paying anything for having natural childbirth.  The bills for my six month old grandaughter are in though and under the new pletora of confusing 27 levels of undisclosed coverage options, the hiring of medical billing coders and William MacGuire’s record breaking exit compensation package……You can also Google United Healthcare+RICO suit, but that is after all such old news.

On to Ma in her 82 year old status.  She went out to retrieve the cat but fell down when failing to navigate the uneven surfaces of a stone wall sixteen inches in height.  She was helped by neighbors and appeared to be OK but two hours later the pain persisted and she went to the hostipal.  Seniors as it turns out have “good” insurance.  The doctors are not burdened by newly awakening kids who refuse tests because their “mandatory” insurance no longer covers what they don’t know it covers.  Ma on the other hand gets a two day nursing home entrance exam.  Yes, that is what I said.  A physical therapist, and occupational therapist, a couple of CT scans.  Is Ma able to take care of herself, in complete comprehensive, pro-active lawsuit cover the hospital’s ass completeness or is the 24/7seven twelve thousand dollars per month nursing home “a recommendation”.

Does an industry perpetuate itself?

A “for profit” industry.

A capitalist for profit industry.

One of my favorites.   Be sure to check out the published names from the Rawsome foods raid which should be a cause of the dailykos community if you get my drift.

Other common sense economic news

OK, the six pages of local job adverts on have disappeared into two.  If you happen to be an astrophysicist with a law degree with a minor in computer science, no traffic tickets, not on the Homeboy Security watch list, have a corporately correct Facebook page you might consider a career change, if you accept a drug test first.

So ends another Massachusetts “tax free” weekend.  Government must now subsidize the buying of electronic shit none of us really need thus inducing/demanding one third of my retail employed family work 12 hours a day, slaves to the machine.

Be it left or be it right.  Is it time to check out.…

Yours exclusively from your own prognosticator of the impending Apocalpse, seeker of the higher evolution and spiritual vibrational energies of October 28, 2011, Lasthorseman.

Wow.  Last beer.  Tomorrow is the fifteenth.  Mandatory Massachusetts open enrollment has expired, much like me.  The growth on my leg, the two teeth that broke off, the colonoscopy I didn’t have.  Quit smoking?  Nah, no chance I am spending any time droolling on myself in the nursing home the non-existent federal government is not going to pay for.

How is that for consumer confidence.


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  1. I could tell you one of recent vintage (personal) that was, perhaps, sadder yet.  State of Florida and, even though an individual with means, was treated in a way that I still have problems, and resultant nightmares, fathoming.

    Although I fear we are ALL slowly being led to the “trough” to nibble on whatever may be there, I still feel that if ALL of us get up some gumption, we can, at least, stop it ALL in its tracks — momentarily, sufficient enough to gain a traction on “reality.”  I’m not a dreamer, per se, but I do hope — but it really will take ALL OF US!  

    Hang in, LH!  

  2. Ma is home from the hospital and doing fine.  My daughter gets to return to college (on the state’s dime) to presue horse business management, our new family dream.

    Increased mention in lamestream media about identifying GMO foods.  No mention of Rawsome food raid just lame advice about “buying locally from local farms” being the best bet.  Yeahbut local farms don’t exist in half acre suburbia.  Also are jobless people choosy about real food they can’t afford.  Twinkies are just cheaper.

    People starting to reject “smart meters”, that new device that will be used for energy rationing.  See interesting hopeful link here.

  3. I must confess to not reading the full article.  Just being impressed with the headline.  In the words of Deek himself “Now for the headlies tonight”.

    Family cookout tonight at the “old” homestead.   Everybody had a great time.

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