Goodbye Dad

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Now you get a surprize.  You lost a daughter, I lost a sister and you lost the faith.  How could there be a God,an afterlife or any benevolent grand design in taking a bright and beautiful soul in the very beginnings of adult life.  Well I have some news. And thank you for giving me so much.

I love kids, like you.  I am practical, like you.  I am emotionally stable and can see things, like you.  Now that you are free of the disease and can see the world for what it has become…..I don’t have many words on that.  Do you think I may have pissed off certain evil entities?  I did what I could.  

You know it now.  You know I did keep you at home in spite of the alzheimers for as long as I could.   Things did change in the medical industry and eventually the decision was not mine.  I did have all of your stuff moved to my house so you could have lived with us, ah, but you know the entire story now about the common sense of one social worker who saved us all, for the time being.  I won’t ever forget the paranormals associated with that incident.  I don’t think it was her influence either.

What to do with the grandkids your great grandkids.  I know both of those marriages suck in different ways.   Not so much as the marriages suck but society, their opportunities in the deliberate designed decline of the country you went to war for.  Yes, it is a whole lot to digest but you always loved me and I will never forget.  Big Red, the snowmobiles, you stand out as a saint in comparison to that other father who with total glee destroyed the horse barn.  I have to ask you.  Is is a family curse this sociopathic magnet stuff.  Are we supposed to help them?  Seems like a lost cause we should give up?  Yes, no.  I know you have got alot of catching up to do world eventswise but I am getting better not being on crappy town water anymore and Katie has the ability too so you should talk to her when you can.

May we live in interesting times.  Yeah, fuck that huh.


  1. from what you’ve written.  But a friend sent me a human sexual response video of House of Atreus this morning:

    It caused me to hunt down some of the versions of the tragedies…thought they might resonnate with you.

    My best to you; families are tough gigs, IMO.

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