Thank God 911 is Over

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It is much like the last rock concert I attended but did not enjoy.  I did abandon the loud music of my misspent youth.  I was too young for Woodstock but old enough to avoid the draft of Vietnam.   My rejection of the bullshit, the lies, the people and personalities I once thought as great is also complete.  Now they are empty spirtless vessels, pod people perhaps immersed to varied degrees in the lies they have accepted as truth.  It is a mixed bag ranging from genuine good people to people who think they have good intentions all the way down to that 5% of the human population who are genuine sociopathic douchebags.  Of this I speak from personal and up close experience.

May this weekend fade away into the ten second attention span of the nothingness which is to become of this particular geographic location of planet earth.  Wow, that is bad even for me.

Can “we”, I, or anybody manifest our own destiny, create a better more sustainable community while under the constant assault from sociopaths with viable commercial interests in 169 countries.  These people literally create your world intentionally, deliberately and over entire generations as I brought up years ago via the example of Strategic Communications Laboratories or even farther back Plato’s Allegory of the Cave.

I am in withdrawal mode.  Spending time only with family and friends.  Why waste time attending 911 stuff in my 911 was an inside job Tshirt.  Pointless, unsalvagables even if I feel huge remorse over that though.  I failed somehow, didn’t do all that I could have, didn’t do what the military prides itself on.  Never leave a wounded soldier behind.


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  1. still riding Lasthorseman.I agree. We did what we could and sociopathy is now the new Democratic way forward. I feel like a tape loop these days and my song rings hollow even to me. 911 is reliving every year the moment when you found yourself in the stuff of Orwell novels and realized that yes it can happen here.      

  2. was a purposeful re-triggering of a trauma that was burnt deeply into the American psyche on that fateful September day. The incessant and graphic showing for days by the media following the event in 2001 was hypnotic, it’s almost like the majority of Americans were mass lobotomized.

    Ever so often there’s need to re-trigger that trauma, to relive that day. To rewire the synapses. For the benefit of the masters of the universe. But just like hypnosis, it doesn’t work on everyone and slowly the trauma wears away.

    Peace LH…

    • banger on September 13, 2011 at 16:22

    It’s a mystery that will remain one. The American people are not only not interested about the truth of 9/11 they aren’t interested in truth or rationality about any subject. To be more precise, they and the intellectual elite, at best, play act at rationality but don’t really believe in it.

    We live in a Lewis Carroll era. And that’s what we have to live in and work with. Hoping for something different is pointless–let’s live our lives and do the best we can to keep some sense of decency and respect for truth alive. It may come back into fashion.

  3. With you . . . withdrawal . . . . inside job Tshirt!  

  4. reinforcement techniques (and which I never could have imagined myself saying just two months ago) taken right out of the Reichstag playbook; beautifully embedded into the opening games of football in patriotic ceremonial spendor. Yes, the great 36′ Olympic games come to mind flawlessly. Go Team!

    Naw, must just be a coincidence.

  5. from boston’s own WTKK

    The discussion was about the lack of war protesters with the implied Vietnam years of my misspent hippie youth.

    “Where are today’s 4 dead in Ohio”

    Why would I lie about that, I heard it.

    The implications where that just about “everybody” supports the wars.  Anyway I digrees as I sit here generating an entire book on the creation of the compliance generation (my kids) which came directly after the end of the Charolette Iserbyte dumbed down generation.

    Yes, same theme and methodology as Hitler Youth.  This is the DARE generation, the Purelle generation and they are heartless in the business world, so much so as to be destructive.

    WTKK was one of those “Red” leaning talk radio stations up until Jay Severin got fired over some PC thing.  The real thing Jay got fired for was leaning to close to original thought patterns.  Look up Edward Tufte and his treatsie on Powerpoint to save me some time.  Anyway WTKK has become barf talk radio, supporting the subliminals of fascism.   It is much like the media guys on the movie V .

    • RUKind on September 15, 2011 at 08:49

    It’s all a mystery. Or maybe it was just a dream.

  6. Forget the laptops, Xboxes and Wiis.  Climb aboard the ATVs and learn the difference between hardwood and soft, the proper way to build a TeePee fire.  Help in constructing the “new road”.  Watch Grampy take down “huge” dead trees and then drag them out of the woods.  Chainsaw safety tips, proper burn timing and wood mixes for that perfect marshmellow roasting campfire and more.

    Helmets definitely optional, country loving spirit required and after dark we can watch the raccoons on the back deck.

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